Monday, 6 July 2009


I just came back from a very well spent afternoon in Amsterdam. Today officialy marks the start of my summer vacation!!!!! 'cause I handed in my second version and most likely my last version of my thesis. My supervisor wasn't there, but I left it in his mailbox so hopefully he'll find it and is still able to read it before he goes on holiday. Soon I will go and send a copy to my second reader and then it will be marked and I'll be done and it's goodbye University of Amsterdam!!!! Not coming back :D

To celebrate I bought myself these huge black Dr. Martens boots at the market at Waterlooplein :))
It's true that lately I've been wearing different things than during my time in the UK. Sometimes I feel I must have slept while being there 'cause it's like I didn't do anything. I took tons of pictures but not being that serious, not with the idea of taking the best picture possible and I wasn't at all busy with finding my own style. I wish I went to London a million of times just to check out Brick Lane. If I was there right now I would go into all the shops to look for some really cool stuff. It's funny 'cause I feel my style has been more British than it ever was. I keep looking at the Topman website and order things while during my time in Canterbury I never went to Topman that much. I was being all protective of my money and it would take very long before I would make the decision to go and actually buy something. So it seems I loosened up a bit. And Topman isn't even that expensive!
But during my time in the UK I was just living life and enjoying every second of it. All that mattered were my friends and spending as much time with them as I could. I even felt I could stay there forever and no longer really cared about the future, about all the million things I still want to do and achieve. All of that didn't matter anymore. I guess I found real reasons to live.

Yesterday I saw Disgrace starring Malkovich Malkovich. I love this guy. He's so unusual looking and his voice grrrrrrrrr could listen to that all day! I was very impressed by Jessica Haines who plays his daugther. I felt she unravelled so slowly and bloomed into this beautiful young woman right before my eyes. Perhaps I should go and read the book on which it is based. Though the subject matter is quite heavy. It wasn't always easy to watch and it's hard to agree with the decisions the characters make. Really had me thinking.

Let's continue with looking at some of the collections that were shown during Paris Fashion Week. It has finished some time ago already, but who cares. Fashion continuously changes but these clothes are still relevant!

Bringing you Thierry Mugler, Comme des Garçons and Rick Owens

The good:

Rick Owens - That's me right there. It's everything I like right now. Black boots, long socks, tanktops which reach below the waist. Wish I owned every piece. Heck, even one piece would give me long time satisfaction. This is all winner.

Comme Des Garçons - Interesting shoes-sock combo. The blazers are a tid bit too wide. Would prefer them more tight. Overall good versatile collection. Really like it. Love them bow ties. Need some myself! You would think pink shoes would be a horrible idea, but they look so good. I'd buy these! No doubt.

This looks to be a bit too much, but it works:

I quite like this one look. And see, pink shoes! They remind me of this cookie or shall I say biscuit ;-) Making me hungryyyyyy

Love these bow ties!!!

I really happen to like this even though there seems to be quite an overload of colours and patterns

The mediocre:

Thierry Mugler - The one coloured suits really are his best. I quite like the white boots. I'd say mediocre overall. Just don't really like it. Overall it just doesn't work that well. But here some pictures of the looks that I think do work. These definitely belong to the good.

I like this kind of blazer this guy wears:

Good colour combination. That's what it all comes down to, knowing how to put clothes together well!

Cool blazer this one!

Really like this blazer. Look at that shape!

All pictures via

These Bloc Party guys move on quickly. Check out there new video for their new song One More Chance. You'll like it after the second listen ;)

Hmmmm what to watch tonight, Les Amants Réguliers or Rocco E I Suoi Fratelli???!! Both are almost 3 hours long! Or perhaps I should just go for a shorter film.
And what to do tomorrow?! Exploring a city I've never been to? Visit a museum/gallery? I at least should go and watch a movie at the Pathé cause on Tuesday they're cheaper :D

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