Saturday, 4 July 2009


Again I'm about to go to bed way past my supposed bedtime. I wonder if I'll ever be able again to go to bed before 12 pm 'cause this hasn't happened to me for already some weeks now. And I keep waking up really early. Anyway, I've started to read Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist and I don't know if it was such a healthy decision. 'Cause this whole story and the ideas it throws at you really get to me. I feel it kind of forces you, or at least you can't help but connect everything you read to your own life so far and your own experiences. And I even happen to see some similarities between what is told in the book and what I've experienced myself. It's annoying, because it easily makes you want to believe in it all, but at the same time I keep thinking this might just be another story. Do not just get caught up in all its philosophical thinking! This is a story I feel would be really wonderful to believe if true. But you don't know if it's true and noone really knows. Even if you're life ends up going exactly the way this book tells you it will be going you would still be left with uncertainty 'cause it might just be luck that has made your life going exactly the way the book predicted. But I haven't finished yet so let's wait and see what else it will bring me. It's definitely an interesting and very enjoyable read so far.

Gonna surf a bit before going to bed. Just wanted to make a wander around Dazed And Confused's webpage. :)

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