Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Had a lovely day in Amsterdam with my mother and brother. Felt like we were on holiday! And then dinner with my mum and dad. A good day that came just in time.

My dad. Nice picture, no?

Grbavica, I watched it tonight.

On the box it says 'An important film'.
I agree. - Analyzing Pictures

I got a call back on Monday for a job that I wanted. This guy starts to ask me all these questions about why I'm most interested in the job, etc. The usual stuff. So in my mind I'm thinking, okay, he'll probably asks me how many days I would be able to work next. But instead he all of a sudden says: for this job we're looking for people with more experience so keep checking our site if there might be any other jobs you're interested in. And then it was goodbye. It went so fast that I couldn't even react the way I wanted to. I felt kind of betrayed and ill-treated. He didn't even say like, okay it's nice your interested, but unfortunately the company's only looking for experienced people so I can't offer you the job, I'm sorry etc. etc. It was like he just abruptly ended the conversation. I was speaking about why I wanted the job and next he says they're only looking for experienced people, goodbye! I mean, why bother asking me all these questions when you knew you weren't able to give me the job anyway?! I guess it's for their administration or something, but still. And don't just drop this on me all of a sudden. It was like he was just reading instructions from a paper. Like, first you ask this, then this, and at the end tell the person on the phone they're only looking for experienced people. I felt really annoyed and hurt as well. Not just because of this stupid guy who made me think I was going to get the job and then suddenly told me I wouln't, but also because I feel like I at least deserve a chance. How are you ever able to gain experience when nobody is willing to offer you the job in the first place so you can get experience? In order to get experience you have to hire me first! Everyone's always looking for experienced people like all these wannabe employees are too stupid to learn and gain experience while working. This job was ideal because it would have been for just one month, all of August and if you would still be available you could work until early October. I'll keep an eye out for other jobs, but I don't think I'll come across anything else appealing anytime soon. :(

Oh, and I changed my hair colour :) Well, a little. At least it's no longer partly red.

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