Thursday, 30 April 2009


A while ago I watched Le Ballon Rouge on TV. So sweet, so simple and yet so great. I wished I had a balloon like that. Here are some pictures just to share a bit of the amazingness.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


...go look at these sites, the first one teaches you how to spell:
The second one teaches you words and their meanings visually:
The third one gives you a history lesson:


Never heard about it until some minutes ago. There's this one show called Practice Space which seems to already be quite dated. I was looking through some pictures of Young Love on their MySpace profile and found one which showed Dan Keyes' practice space and on the picture it was written as seen on the show Practice Space. So I checked it out and tadaaaa! Then I wounded up on VBS.TV! Here some Late Of The Pier, Handsome Furs and of course Young Love. All videos are pretty old doing with handsome Furs doing songs from their first album and an interview with Young Love's Dan Keyes on the middle of the street, while the guys from Late Of The Pier are sitting in the bathtub.

Late Of The Pier

Handsome Furs

Young Love



+ Deerhunter

+ Women!! (Yes, finally Women live, after two times not going!)
I'm gonna see all three of them. Women will be support act of Deerhunter in Paradiso, which made me decide to go. Metric's latest album is so nice that I have to see these guys and girl live! They'll be playing in Melkweg the day after I'll be watching Beirut! I don't want to regret not going, you know. So I'll go. Have to.
+ Bought a new pair of black boots. Again. Though it's hard to find a check shirt. They only have stripes stripes and even more stripes! :(


And now my connection is like superfast, what the F_CK?


...the new internet router my neigbour has installed is SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW It's a challenge not to get seriously annoyed


My new shoes made my feet bleed :(((

Monday, 27 April 2009


Some more pictures Mr. Slimane shot during Coachella

Sunday, 26 April 2009


About to go to bed but I came across these pictures I took a while ago and thought I'd post them. So there you go.

Friday, 24 April 2009

{+JEAN-LUC x 11>?

It just called: achetez-moi, achetez-moi, achetez-moi!!! So I obeyed.

Btw, Patrick Wolfe's new CD is real nice! :P


Coachella means live performances from the coolest artists like Beirut, The Killers, Fleet Foxes, Lykke Li, Devendra Banhart and many more. BUT, it also means, pictures! Many have done so before, it's a great opportunity to capture hippie looking youngsters chilling in the sun, but really, noone does it better than Mr. Slimane. Here are some of his. As always in his signature black & white. Love it.


Wow, wow, wow, the official list of films which will be playing at the Festival de Cannes 2009 which will take place from the 13th to 19th of May has been released. So many interesting filmmakers have new films coming up, Pedro Almodóvar, Michael Haneke, Park Chan-Wook, Isabel Coixet, the list goes on and on. Which of these films will be tremendously good and which will dissapoint, will there be any big surprises? I'm excited. If only I could be there to watch them all :(

In Competition

* Pedro Almodovar - Broken Embraces
* Andrea Arnold - Fish Tank
* Jacques Audiard - Un Prophete
* Marco Bellocchio – Vincere
* Jane Campion - Bright Star
* Xavier Giannoli – A L’Origine
* Isabel Coixet – Map of the Sounds of Tokyo
* Michael Haneke - The White Ribbon
* Ang Lee – Taking Woodstock
* Ken Loach – Looking for Eric
* Lou Ye - Spring Fever
* Brillante Mendoza – Kinatay
* Gaspar Noe – Enter The Void
* Park Chan-Wook – Thirst
* Alain Resnais – Les Herbes Folles
* Elia Suleiman – The Time That Remains
* Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds
* Johnnie To – Vengeance
* Tsai Ming-liang – Face
* Lars Von Trier – Antichrist

Un Certain Regard

* Bong Joon Ho - Mother
* Alain Cavalier - Irene
* Lee Daniels - Precious
* Denis Dercourt- Demain Des L’Aube
* Heitor Dhalia - Adrift
* Bahman Ghobadi - Nobody Knows About The Persian Cats
* Ciro Guerra - The Wind Journeys
* Mia Hansen-Love - Le Pere De Mes Enfants
* Hanno Hofer, Razvan Marculescu, Cristian Mungiu, Constantin Propescu and Ioanna Uricaru - Tales From The Golden Age
* Nikolay Khomeriki - Tale In The Darkness
* Yorgos Lanthimos -Dogtooth
* Pavel Lounguine - Tzar
* Raya Martin - Independencia
* Corneliu Porumboiu - Police, Adjective
* Pen-Ek Ratanaruang - Nymph
* Joao Pedro Rodrigues - To Die Like A Man
* Haim Tabakman - Eyes Wide Open
* Warwick Thornton - Samson & Delilah
* Jean Van De Velde - The Silent Army
* Hirokazu Kore-Eda - Air Doll

Closing Film

* Jan Kounen – Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

Out of Competition

* Robert Guediguian - L’Armee Du Crime
* Alejandro Amenabar - Agora
* Terry Gilliam The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus

Midnight Screenings

* Stephane Aubier and Vincent Patar - A Town Called Panic
* Sam Raimi - Drag Me To Hell
* Marina De Van – Ne Te Retourne Pas

Special Screenings

* Anne Aghion - My Neighbor, My Killer
* Adolfo Alix Jr and Raya Martin - Manila
* Souleymane Cisse - Min Ye
* Michel Gondry - L’Epine Dans Le Coeur
* Zhao Liang - Petition
* Keren Yedaya - Jaffa

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I just watched Blindness after having read the book by José Saramago. I enjoyed the film I really did. The cinematography was amazing, I loved some of the shot choices and how everything related to the idea of not being able to see but also giving you as a spectator the feeling of what it is to see, how much you gain by it and how an advantage sight can be. It really made you aware of your ability to see. So overall me, personally, I thought the film was good. However, I've read some opinions from people on the message board of the film on and a lot of people who had not read the book first didn't like the movie and didn't understand why the main character decided not to act more strongly in some of the situations she and the others are put in. This is where the book really provides you with a lot of background. It seems that the makers of the film didn't really think a lot about how an audience who has not read the book would react to certain events in the story. The book explains a lot, gives insight on characters' intentions where the film does not. It might be the makers didn't really worry about some of the aspects and thought the information they provide would be enough and acceptable for spectators. But apparently, for most people it was not. So maybe I have had a major advantage of reading the book first, it could be. So my perception of the film is completely different as I'm able to fill up those little holes immediately myself 'cause I already happen to know the characters and am able to understand how they feel and what made them respond to certain events the way they did. Though, I think if I would not have read the book I would have still be able to udnerstand the characters' decisions, though I can't be sure 'cause I did indeed read the book first. But maybe that's what the movie wanted to do. Maybe the makers deliberately gave not too much info just so you as a spectator could go into the situation 'blind' like the characters do. Not giving away too much of the intentions of the characters. Perhaps they wanted to force the spectator to really experience the situation like the characters did and have them create their own opinions or to see if the spectators would be able to fully understand the circumstances themselves. When you havent'read the book first I guess you are really able to explore all of that yourself, figure things out on your own like the characters in the movie. You don't know what's going on or what is going to happen. I who had read the book, I did know what was going on as well as what was going to happen so I guess I saw things differently. I feel the movie and the book work very well together and perhaps people should take them as such. Sometimes people wonder if a book can get translated well onto the screen and most of the time they feel the movie still lacks something which I guess is because the two are very different things and are handled differently. I think you should just take them together and have both add their own things to the story. There are things the movie might do better, things the book does better. Just watch the movie, read the book, let both add their own things to the story. I loved the book and I enjoyed the movie which might be because I read the book first. But just read the book and watch the movie too, experience both.