Saturday, 30 May 2009


How old is that neighbour of mine, 4?! I'm sitting in my parents' garden working on my thesis or trying to and I receive a phone call from the guy who lives next door to me asking me if I'm home 'cause he has forgotten his key. Well, normally that's okay, I mean, it can happen. But come on, this is already the third time! Get your act together damnit. Stop bothering me with this crap. Get a keychain or something, hang it round your neck so you never forget it. Anyway, I told him I'm not home and won't be home until after 6 or something. Another thing is that I've been waiting for a package to arrive which is the main reason why I'm at my parents' place at the moment. But because noone was home on Wednesday evening the person delivering the package decided to drop it off at our neighbour at 2A instead of returning the next day which is also an option. Now I've been coming over to my parents' place everyday to see if our neighbour is home, but she isn't. I just tried again some minutes ago and still she isn't there. It really pisses me off. I want my package! The deliverer should just have returned the following day then I would at least have made sure I'd be there. Then I would already have it. Now I have to depend on the neighbour. Sucks.

Friday, 29 May 2009


This one's really short. Might be part of a short series of three or more. Song Bruises by Chairlift. Enjoy!

A Boy And His Tambourine Part 1 from IanCurtisMinusTheSmoking on Vimeo.

Thursday, 28 May 2009


So apparently Women did play Black Rice last night. Hmmm, I guess I forgot about it. Perhaps it didn't leave as much an impact on me as I expected to and it was not that memorable :) Though this might explain why the song was stuck in my head afterwards. 'Cause I already found that pretty strange. So maybe it did leave an impression. Don't know. But truth is that I could hardly hear the singer who's name is Patrick Flegel I believe, although I'm not sure. Anyway. Nice to have this cleared up. Next week around this time I'll be at the Phoenix gig dancing wildly to their impeccable tunes. It's going to be great and it will be nice to go to a gig again where I know the crowd, or at least I, will go completely crazy. Dancing, jumping, aaaaaaaaah. Can't wait!

Patrick Wolf I love you so much! Your music gives me comfort when I need it most.


He used to say he was bisexual, but nowadays apparently he's just gay. And well, it shows LOL Just watch this video of him performing Hard Times. Look what he's wearing! Or I'd better say look what he's not wearing! CRAZY I love it!! 01:34 HILARIOUS! He's never afraid of being himself, whatever people might say or think. Although this video doesn't give that impression :), Patpat is actually an extremely talented and gifted musician. He's able to play so many instruments and plays them so well. In this video he just dances and sings without touching a single instrumental item, making sexy moves, although you can differ on the sexiness of it all. Just watch Mr. Wolf in all his genius. Can't wait to see him perform live again. The guy must be such a sweet and kind person with a HUGEEE heart.


It comes a bit late as it was already released some days ago, but here it is, Phoenix video for 1901:

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Just came back from seeing Women and Deerhunter. I was dissapointed Women played so short and they played more new songs that aren't on the album than ones that are. Also, because they were a support act a lot of people seemed to not know them and because they're not there especially for Women they weren't that enthusiastic, more looking, waiting to see how things would turn out, wondering if they're any good. Also, I could hardly hear the singer and I relaly enjoy listening to his voice. I did like the way they played though. Very relaxed and their hands moved so fast. I was very impressed. But yes, now I really wish I saw them when they were at the Paradiso those two times before. 'Cause both times they were the main act so I bet the atmosphere in the audience was way better and they played way more songs. They didn't even play Black Rice. For some reason after the gig while I was walking back to the train station the song was stuck in my head though. Deerhunter were good and nicer than I expected. They played some of their upbeat tracks and the people around me were dancing a bit, so that was definitely a good thing 'cause I like it when people dance. But they're very good live and the overall sound was great. Bradford Cox, the singer, sounded very good too. Always surprises me though that someone who doesn't have the nicest speaking voice sounds really nice when singing. And he's one of those people. So I had a good night out, though I'm very tired rifght now. Good news is that my MA thesis supervisor finally replied to my e-mail. He was content about my last chapter so next Friday I will show him the entire piece and then we'll have a look together at things which could use some improvement. So basically I'm done. I mean, the main content is there. I wrote everything. All I have to do now is to make some small changes to make it even better.

So for a change I took some pictures myself, but as you can see it's not easy as it takes a long while before my camera takes a picture at times. You click and then you need to hold it in place and that takes a couple of seconds, don't know why. Maybe because it's dark and I don't use a flash. At least not at a gig, 'cause I don't want to bother the band you know. I can totally understand if they would be annoyed with flashing lights in their faces all the time. Plus, I'm way too busy enjoying the music so I get annoyed myself, because I would love to take pictures and look for nice angles and light, but not while I'm at a gig enjoying a song. So I kind of end up feeling obliged to take a picture and then just click without putting much thought behind it, just to have at least taken some. And I'm not too happy I have to hold the camera the entire gig either. :( But the pictures you find below I actually really like. I don't mind Bradford Cox ended up all purple. Makes him look better. :D



You see, blurry, blurry, blurry! But in some of the pictures I really like the blur. There were only like 4 or 5 more pictures I'd taken but which really didn't end up good, so I still think I did a pretty decent job in getting the ones here to look fairly good. ;)

Some pictures of Amsterdam and the train, non-gig related:

Haarlem train station:


New patrick Wolf video directed by Ace Norton. As always very extravagant. I like the colours, the kaleidoscopes, that glow in the dark thing :) He says it's a homage to both Elvis Presley and Klaus Nomi. Enjoy!
Tonight WOMEN + Deerhunter!!! :D

Follow the link to watch the video. I'm not able to upload it yet :(

Patrick Wolf - Hard Times

And here's a video Ace Norton did to get people to vote. It stars Emile Hirsch who after Sean Penn's Into The Wild really has become all kinds of cool and is bursting with talent.

Wake Up Call, starring Emile Hirsch from IE HAGY on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Earlier I said I was going to see it, the film Martyrs by director Pascal Laugier, so I went. This is one of those films of which you can say it's both utterly useless and horrible, while at the same time absolutely brilliant and amazing. In its genre of horror it's the best. It's grand. There's probably nothing like it. It's so good it even exceeds the horror genre. Because the usual horror films such as The Ring (Ringu) or The Orphanage (El Orfanato) are comedies compared to Martyrs. This film is sick. It's your worst nightmare come true, so disturbing. No silly ghosts or any of that shit. What you see here could happen for real. I didn't know much about the film beforehand other than that I remember reading somwehere that some people called it torture porn. And I think that's a pretty good way to describe it. So far I could not think of one single reason why I ever should go and use something like Twitter, but after a movie like this I just feel like sharing this experience with everyone so it seems I finally have found a situation in which Twitter could be useful! :) Already during the film I couldn't wait to tell everyone about this film. That's the impact it has. Like I said in a way it's the most useless piece of film 'cause what do I have to learn from all this? Why did I have to see it? A film like this is an experience and it's up to you if you want to go through it, endure it, or rather just pass. The only moral to this film I could think of right now is to never want to help out your crazy friends. Just let them be, leave them by themselves, don't get involved 'cause it will only get you yourself in trouble. 'Cause that's what happens to Anna, the main character of the film. She's so naive, way too kind. She wants to help Lucie her friend who says she's gone through the most horrible thing, so horrible that doctors don't want to believe her. At first you think, okay, this is going to be just like the usual horror flick, I don't know if I want to believe this. But then it becomes very realistic and it turns out this isn't one of those films where dead people rise up from their graves or ghosts from the past come to haunt people. None of that fantasy bullshit. This film just gives you your worst nightmare, what you see here could happen for real and some people, like girls who got missing, we all heard about such stories in the news, they might have gone through the things these girls in Martyrs go through. But in Martyrs it goes all the way. In the beginning it has some elements of the usual horror films, where I had to chuckle because they come to use objects to hit people with that make you go like, AAAAH NICE! :) I know it's sick, but that's so ridiculous that I can't help but laugh a bit. Especially when you know you're watching a horror film and you know there might be people who get really freaked out by this. Another really cruel thing was the use of music, sad music, which made the sad and painful scenes even more sad and hard to watch. You just know that they did that on purpose, just to tease the audience. Let's make everything even worse. But seriously, some people will not want to see this movie. I'm not sure everyone could handle this, because it becomes very painful, and gets to you way more than the usual horror films. At times I could have cried like a puppy, but I kept my cool knowing that there were three girls sitting behind me, hehe :D So I thought, let's not go there! But I had tears in my eyes, because it's a really hard film. Very psychological as well. I happened to come to really care for the girls, especially Anna. Very much due to the great and fearless acting by the two main actresses. These girls rule the movie. They storm through it, nothing is taboo for them, they just do it all making it seem they had no problem playing the kind of scenes they have to play. The film is so painful and so sad. There's just nothing nice in it. It is not at all fun. NOT AT ALL. Torture porn might indeed be the best way to describe Martyrs, both audience and characters get tortured, the character of Anna to the extreme. If I could rate this movie I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. Why? Because it's the most brilliant film in its genre that I've ever seen. Normally horror films don't get to me at all. A ghost, what? I don't believe that. For me ghosts are fanatasy, not real. So I never got scared watching a horror film 'cause they feature too many elements which remind me that I'm watching a movie. You can't sell this to me as reality. But Martyrs goes much further. MUCH further. It challenges you. Just when you think it's all over, Anna is safe, think again, 'cause it's really only the beginning. After the opening scene and the showing of the title and stuff something happens that will knock you off your seat. You won't see it coming. It's the first bizarre thing that happens, and the greatest thing, which immediately sets it apart from all those other horror films. At times I was reminded of Carl Theodor Dreyer's La Passion De Jeanne D'Arc. The story of the film is amazing. I have to say I really liked the ideas which it brings up, it provides some interesting thoughts which not everyone will like and some might just brush off as stupid or ridiculous. But I really liked them and I never considered them before. And what not to like about a film which gives you a whole new perspective on something. So Martyrs don't ever see it and do. Don't see it, because you'll cry, you'll have nightmares. Holding your hand during the film won't be enough to comfort you. This is no The Orphanage. NOOOOOOO. NOT AT ALL. After leaving the cinema I could still feel it in my stomach, I noticed my breathing had changed because of watching the film. And I loved that. Not every film can do that to me, have such a physical impact. So that's one reason why you do have to go and see it. Because I don't think there's anything like it. I'm not sure even Lars Von Trier's Antichrist which caused such a commotion on Cannes this year can be worse than this. Martyrs takes everything to the extreme, your biggest fears put up on the big screen. Go see it because no other film will probably cause you so much fear and challenges you to not look away. I noticed how twice my eyes just blinked for like 1 second longer than usual, as a reflex of what I saw. Because part of me just wanted to look away. So it was like a blink that lasted just one second longer. So I never looked away, but might have missed 4 seconds of the film when you add everything up. Most of all I liked how the film is built up. It's so intense. When you think you saw it all, when every other horror film would have ended, this one goes on. And you think like, oh shit, Anna why do you have to go there? You know only bad things will come from going there. There's one character who just gave me chills, who hurt me so much just by looking at her. This character was a creature. Nothing left of her. It was painful to watch. But like I said at the same time Martyrs is all kinds of amazing. I'm glad I saw it. It's a very satisfying experience which I don't think everyone could handle. Thanks Pascal Laugier for coming up with this sick story which you have executed so brilliantly! I even felt a bit Gaspar Noé-ish, especially in a scene at the end where we get to get a very close look into Anna's eyes. I don't know what more to say. Long time since I've been so caught by a film. Last time that happened was when I saw this documentary or perhaps mockumentary (it's still not sure whether the events shown actually happened or are just a fabrication) called Unknown White Male about a man who one night gets on the metro and when waking up has no memory whatsoever of who he is. Martyrs has got me same kind of crazy. I just want to tell the whole world about this film! :D Pascal Laugier I will most definitely remember your name.


I love you Patrick, you should marry us all!!! Anyway, Mr. Wolf has a new website already for a couple of days. He posted this little video a while ago:

Worldwide Wolf from Patrick Wolf on Vimeo.

To keep you entertained here's and old video of Pat doing Souvenirs in an Elevator, Arcade Fire style:

Pat will be performing at the Lowlands festival, but not for me 'cause it's already sold out and I don't have a ticket :( *cries* But I saw him live before, although I've come to enjoy his music way more than I did at the time of that gig in London. Hopefully, because of his new album he'll announce a real tour soon and will make an appearance in either Paradiso or Melkweg. I expect him to, so I'm looking forward to that! :D

Tonight I'm going for horror, I'm seeing Martyrs at Melkweg tonight (yes, Melkweg's also a cinema) which is said to be very gruesome so I'm excited :) Tomorrow finally WOMEN! + Deerhunter, though I'm not all too familiar with Deerhunter, seems I really should spend a lot of time with their albums to truly get into their music. There are some songs that stand out and which I like, but I haven't fallen in love with them yet and don't know if I ever will. But who knows maybe seeing them tomorrow night will do the trick?


It's raining like crazy outside. Just yesterday it was so hot outside, seemed like summer officially had arrived. And now this. I'm about to go to bed. Spent the evening looking at some pictures by Mr. Hedi Slimane. The two below are probably my favourites. I also came across some old pictures of me, back when I was still a normal kid :) and dying my hair, shaving it, and getting my ears pierced where not yet on my mind while neither having ever laid eyes upon my beloved Canterbury. I haven't changed that much though.


Vintage me:

Wearing Ralph Lauren? Me? Definitely an old picture. Nowadays I go for cheap :)

I used to love this blue T-shirt

Sunday, 24 May 2009


She has dared to do it, this year's Palme D'Or has gone to Michael Haneke's Das weiße Band (The White Ribbon). President of the jury and lead actress in Haneke's 2001 La Pianiste for which she herself won at Cannes for Best Actress, Isabelle Huppert and the other members of the jury have chosen Haneke's latest film as the winner of the Palme. I don't think many people expected it as they didn't think Huppert would give it to Haneke as it could have been a too obvious choice and lead to suspicion of whether or not the film really deserved it or that she has awarded Haneke as a friendly gesture. It's Haneke's first Palme after being already nominated for the prize four times! So... Huppert president of the jury, Haneke wins, coincidence or not? Of course Huppert hasn't been the only jury member and I trust her for choosing a worthy winner, so for now I just go with it and will be naive enough to believe that this is a deserved win, after I've seen the film I will decide if it truly has been worth of winning the Palme or not. But I love Haneke, so congrats!! :)

Best Actress - Charlotte Gainsbourg for Lars Von Trier's Antichrist
Best Actor - Christopher Waltz for Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds
Grand Prix - Jacques Audiard for Un Prophète
Best Director - Brillante Mendoza for Kinatay
Best Screenplay - Lou Ye for Spring Fever
Prix Du Jury - Split between Fish Tank and Thirst

Alain Resnais received a special prize for his entire oeuvre.


After Sofia Coppola and Jean-Pierre Jeunet it's now Olivier Dahan's turn who is doing what I suppose is also a commercial for Dior starring his muse Marion Cotillard. There's supposed to be a short movie version of this, you might find it already at the Dior website. For now have a look at this trailer kind of thingy.


Now that my parents are on a three week vacation I have to transport my laundry all by myself, which means I can only carry a small amount of clothes on my bike with the result that today is day 3 of spending an afternoon washing clothes at my parents' house. So basically I do something nice in the morning, dedicate the afternoon to washing my clothes, and then do something nice during the evening again. On Friday it was the wedding, both in the morning as well as the evening because there was a wedding party. Yesterday morning I went into town and then during the evening watched Touch Of Evil at home instead of going to see the Bowerbirds. I perhaps might have been in the mood to attend a gig, but I rather see another band perform than them and I already saw Bowerbirds live when they were supporting Bon Iver. This morning I went to Amsterdam to visit the cinema I go to almost every week, most of the time with both my parents or just one of them, depending whether they're in the mood yes/no. But this morning I came by myself. And as with the super friendly cashier who works at the supermarket downstairs where I live, today the woman who almost always sells the tickets acknowledged me and my parents' weekly presence by immediately saying 'for three, right?' when I was about to buy my ticket to see The Young Victoria, the new film by Jean-Marc Vallée, director of C.R.A.Z.Y. (I love that film). But I said, no, just for one. And then she told me that it might be time for me to buy a Cineville pass, which costs 17,50 per month and allows you to go to almost every cinema in Amsterdam, except the Pathé, for free. So you can see as many movies as you want. I really have to get one because I definitely pass the 17,50 mark. But it was nice to be addressed in a more casual way and also the guy who cuts the tickets approached me in a way that indicated he knows I'm visiting this cinema almost every week. But this cinema, it's called the Cinecenter, it's really my favourite cinema. Even if they play a movie in Amsterdam which also plays in Haarlem, the city where I live, I still frequently go and see it at the Cinecenter, as was the case with The Young Victoria, 'cause it's playing in my city as well. But I just like to go to Amsterdam on a Sunday morning and watch a movie. Today it's very warm though. Now I just have to wait until the washing machine is done, then I'll hang up my clothes to dry. Now I'll fold the clothes I washed yesterday which are hopefully dry by now. Let's have a look...

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Okay so call me crazy, I don't care. We all try to figure out this world which is filled with all these tensions and connections, electricity and stuff. So I decided to go back downstairs and just buy something I need, but not necessarily right now. I bought some shower lotion with some extra discount which you can only get today, 'cause it's the last day you get a 30% discount on this product so in a way it's a good thing I went back. So, I went to my super friendly cashier. And he said, you're back. Acknowledgement (!), there you have it. I guess that's what I was looking for today. And now I got it. He knows who I am. And I said yeah, well I forgot something. And he said, that happens. So then I got my soap and this time I told him have a nice evening, instead of him always wishing me a good weekend or nice evening. And as a reward, he not just said thanks and stuff but even put his hand up in some sort of wave-like gesture as if we happened to be friends parting. Isn't that nice. Yeah, I admit, it did make me feel a bit more special than the average customer. So now I know we know each other and I feel that makes us less like strangers. It's just some small thing. But it's good. Let's make this world more human and less stranger-ish, please. Perhaps this is me at the start of some Amélie Poulain kind of mission. Don't know.


That is the question. Right now I'm not sure. I actually decided not to go and see the Bowerbirds tonight this afternoon. But now that I'm home I'm starting to feel kind of itchy and I'm having images of me walking through Amsterdam at night. I'll see what I do. By the way, I just ate this fantastic Japanese seaweed salad. First time I tried it and I'm immediately hooked. It's like with sun dried tomatoes. I love those things and I've been eating them a lot lately. So I guess same will happen with the seaweed. Also, there's this kid working downstairs at the supermarket, he's a cashier. But this one really likes his job, always super friendly, I really appreciate that. But he's also someone I feel has thoughts about me. I mean, sometimes when you help people you don't know, you just help, do the things you're supposed to do but don't have any thoughts about the person you're helping. You don't think something like, oh, this person dresses funny, this person has yellow hair, just random thoughts like that. But with this kid it's like when we meet he thinks something about me. Well, probably, he thinks, ah, there's that guy again, 'cause I go to the supermarket quite often and I often happen to be helped by him. Ding dong :) But he really looks. Like there's some awkwardness going on. Like we're supposed to say something more because we happen to see each other quite often, but you don't really say much 'cause I'm just out shopping and he's doing his job. It's strange 'cause when you think about it, I see this kid more often than I see some of my friends. So lately I happen to have this urge to ask him like: is something wrong? I don't know, I feel like breaking the ice or something, because it just kind of stupid you don't really say much even though you see each other a lot. I feel urged to say something more than just 'you too' when he wishes me a good weekend. And I feel his wishing me a good weekend is not the same when he says that to other people. But don't we all think that sometimes. I guess so. But no, really, he waits until I have packed my bag then he wishes me a good weekend looking at me and I look at him and say 'you too'. Then he continues helping the next customer and I leave. It's kind of like in trains and stuff, all those things. People don't talk to each other. And also, I always go to this cinema on Sunday morning in Amsterdam and the same people are working there every Sunday. And of course they recognize me and my parents, because I often go there with my parents. Especially me, 'cause I'm basically the only kid out there at 11 o'clock in the morning. All those other people are grey and old. So I stand out and not just because my hair looks different. ;) So at times when this guy who always cuts our tickets, is cutting our tickets again, I feel like saying something extra. Just to acknowledge that I know I see this person almost every week and know he sees me almost every week as well. It just so strange. At times I just want him to start speaking to me and say like, hey, you always come here on Sunday right, you enjoy the movies? I don't know, just random stuff. I guess I want some acknowledgement too. Because at many times we people, all of us here in this world, we pretend people we don't 'know' just don't exist. And I frequently think, but what if we met at university, what if we happened to be in the same course, then we probably would have ended up speaking to each other, we would have perhaps ended up being friends. That's why I feel weird we all act as strangers on the train, 'cause who knows, we might be able to become the greatest friends. That person sitting next to you might share the same interests as you do, maybe when we would have been properly introduced we would have become very close. But we don't take risks. And those little kids with their parents who start yelling in the train are told to shut up and be silent at an early age, 'cause that's what we learn, that's what we are told we are supposed to do when being on the train. Just be silent and don't disturb people. Well, often I long for some disturbance. :(


I'm getting really excited for this film, totally unexpected. It's just because it is said to be very good and features two young actors who are apparently giving great performances which always adds to this fantasy of mine of maybe one day being able to do all of that myself. Anyway, on one of our TV channels here they bring some news from Cannes every evening, so that's where I saw footage from this one scene. I made a screen capture. Just look at it. It's perfect. Just Abbie Cornish occupying the complete right part of the frame, the way she sits, our position looking up at her, almost spying, the flowers in the front, nearly blocking our sight, the blurriness of the edges of the image while Cornish is still partly in focus, the sound of the flowers getting crushed as she lets herself fall over, Ben Whishaw's voice speaking to her. It makes us feel even more close, as if we're about to intrude her if we don't act cautiosly. It makes for such a gentle, peaceful moment. I have the feeling the film is filled with shots like these. Little dialogue or sound, just the image taking center stage. Just us observing the characters. I want to see it badly!

The scene continues with Cornish looking up...

... while eventually letting herself fall over into the flowers. When I'll see this scene on the big screen I think I'll cry.


Well, not really, but when do I else get the chance to ever use this Radiohead song as a title?
It's early Saturday morning. I'm still tired from last night. Strange to see someone who used to be one of your classmates in secondary school get married. Even though the weather was great, it was really warm and very sunny, and the couple looked both beautiful and extremely happy, I don't think I would want to get married myself. Don't think I could handle being the center of attention like that and having all of the family in attendance. For me it would feel like they're kind of intruding into my love life. Bot who knows, my opinion might change and most likely will, 'cause that's what often happens! The night before I went to see Chairlift and even though Caroline the singer of the band sounded great live, I couldn't notice any false notes, it was flawless, almost couldn't believe this was live, that's how good she was singing, and together with the other bandmembers they were really into it giving it their all, the crowd was far from energetic. So unfortunately the gig itself was very boring. I felt like a lot of people didn't even know the band but just went to Paradiso for a night out with friends, having a drink a talk, and some live band providing background music. Apart from three people, no one was moving let alone dancing. But these three people were dancing so silly and out of tune that they could have better just not danced at all and just watched standing like everyone else did. So because of all this I was a bit dissapointed. It was like I was standing in a crowd of people who were watching a support act, 'cause during support acts people for some reason don't start dancing either. When they played their two most known songs Bruises and Evident Utensil the crowd became a bit more loose, but just a tiny bit. It was a shame though that they played Evident Utensil slightly different from the way the song sounds on the album, 'cause I felt it lost some energy the way they played it. But still Chairlift played really well and I really enjoy listening to their album. Down below you find some pictures which, as usual, aren't taken by me. This time however I kind of wished I had brought my bag upstairs with me 'cause I felt I could have enjoyed myself more with taking pictures than to stand in a crowd of people who seemed as if they could fall asleep any second.
I will do more of my laundry today and maybe I'll go and see Bowerbirds in Paradiso later tonight...

Thursday, 21 May 2009

$#CHAIRLIFT AT 22.30_{

Every now and then you have one of those days you really don't know what to do. For me today is such a day. After waving goodbye to my parents at the airport and my brother drove me home I had no idea what to do. And the thing is, in a couple of minutes I will go to Paradiso to see Chairlift perform, they should still have some tickets left. But that performance starts at 22.30. So when you're at home around 12 or perhaps I was home even earlier you still have like another 10 hours before that gig starts. I thought about going to a movie before, but I haven't been able to find one which I want to see and which hasn't like less than one hour between the film and the concert. And I just don't feel like having to wait too long today. Sometimes it's nice to have a walk around town and I could do that for hours. But I have a feeling if that happened today I would have ended up buying something. Like on Tuesday I didn't mean to buy anything, but because it still took a while before I went to see Coraline, I thought let's go to the HEMA, there might be something I could use. So I ended up buying something I actually did need, but it wasn't really necessary to buy. I can walk for hours as well without being interested in buying stuff, but I'm not sure I would have managed today. :) Plus, today I'm not able to travel for free, can't use my public transport card because it's Hemelvaartsdag (Ascension Day is the correct translation I think) so I didn't want to have to go to Amsterdam during the afternoon and then come back home and then buy another train ticket to go to Paradiso tonight. Of course I could have spent all day in Amsterdam but I guess I didn't feel like it. So instead I read a bit, I slept a bit, and I spent much more time at the supermarket downstairs than I intended to due to the place being completely crowded as if it was a Sunday so I had to wait in line much longer than usual. It's probably the only store around here that is open today which is why it was so crowded. People have a day off and because all of the other shops are closed the one that's open, even if it's just a supermarket, suddenly becomes the number one place to go to. Haven't felt very creative today, or maybe I did feel creative, but I just can't focus on writing something right now or making some drawings. Although I did buy a white board some days ago, finally, so I can make some new stop-motion 'films'. And this morning I took some pictures, not many. I plan on taking some tonight when walking to the train station after seeing Chairlift perform. This time I'll make sure my camera will be in focus :)
For now enjoy some of the works of Mr. Slimane just to pass the day, some old some new + some pictures I took today and last night and other random stuff. And apparently the new Ken Loach film is said to be very good and might end up winning the Palme D'Or, while reviews for Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds seem to be either very positive or very negative.

By Mr. Slimane:

Nick Cave's son Jethro, cool name:

That kid next to Mr. Van Sant should be me!!!! Unfair.

Remember kids, smoking IS cool. Doesn't mean you should start smoking, but if you do start smoking I think you're cool ;) Or, actually, let me rephrase that, I think it's cool when you're able to do it in a cool way, like this girl below (Anna Selezneva is her name). 'Cause I've seen many people smoke who don't seem to be able to smoke in a cool way. And if you can't smoke in a cool way it's no use to smoke.

Plus, some of you might know them, but I can imagine a lot of you don't: Lara Stone and Ymre Stiekema. 'Cause if you thought Doutzen Kroes is still the only big Dutch female model out there, you're very wrong. Lara's only part Dutch though, her father's British, but she was born here.
No reason to post this other than that I just felt like it and the girls are both very pretty ;)



Here some pictures taken by Luke Smalley who passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday:

Some of the pictures I took this morning. Nothing groundbreaking :)

Pictures I took last night operating as both model and photographer which isn't easy. When you do both you realize how much models do add to an image. They really don't just stand and look pretty. I'm mostly interested in taking the pictures, but as I don't have anyone to model for me I'm forced to do the stuff myself. So... anyone who's willing to volunteer as a model, I promise I'll be kind!! I'd like a girl with long hair.
Also, someone get me a real professional studio please with a solid backdrop, one that doesn't have wrinkles in it ;) and professional lighting and stuff!!!! Poor me...
These pictures are safe for work, right??

I have to say I really like my profile:

Struggling to get out of a shirt:

So now I spent almost one hour being busy with setting up this post. Time well spent. :D
Tomorrow I got a wedding to attend...