Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I'll be back Sunday February 7th ;)


Try not to cry

I want to watch it all over again!

I'm leaving in about an hour. It's raining and I need to carry two plastic bags in my hand, one really big, my satchel, my black tube thingy containing sheets of paper and my big red backpack. This seems even worse than going on holiday! It's like I'm moving out. So many things I need to take with me!

By Sam Bassett

By Erica Shires

Shot by Ben Toms and styled by Katie Shillingford

By Hasse Nielsen

By Yu Tsai

Model Julia Stegner by Max Farago

Shot by Craig McDean

By Marek Szkudlarek

Shot by Christoph Musiol

Alex Bennett by Justin Wu

By Rafa Gallar

By Giorgio Codazzi & Emmanuele Montalbano

Photographed by Bersa

By Jason Hetherington

By Andrew Weir

Alex Dunstan by Jolijn Snijders

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen by Andreas Sjödin

Karlie Kloss by Paolo Roversi

Jacquetta Wheeler by Marcin Tyszka

Pictures via, Fashion Gone Rogue, The Fashionisto



It's a visual album

The Antlers, Bombay Bicycle Club, LCD Soundsystem (!!!!), Deerhunter and Owen Pallett are all coming to Amsterdam in the next 5 months!!! :DDD Let's see if I got some money

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I'm getting Foals obsessed again!!! Release that new album already! They've said it's finished, I NEED it AND GO ON TOURRRR!!! Please :DD

Have to prepare myself 'cause I'm going to the IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam) soon. Like last year I'll be volunteering as an usher and watch a lot of movies! This time I got myself a place to sleep YEAH so it'll be like on holiday, no internet for 11 days. Just the cinema + me


One film I've been quite curious and excited about is Sam Taylor-Wood's Nowhere Boy. Good news is that it will be playing at a cinema in Amsterdam, the one I always go to on Sundays, from April 1st! I assume this is not a joke

Not exactly sure why I'm so drawn to this little film. Perhaps because of this scene from this short by miss Taylor-Wood called Love You More which I found on YouTube a while ago

The film apparently is about John Lennon and features the wonderful Kristin Scott Thomas (I think I've seen her more in French speaking films than in English ones) as well as up and coming actor Aaron Johnson who might hit the big time once another film he stars in called Kick-Ass will be released. However, it is said he and miss Taylor-Wood are dating and they might even expect their first child (!) Hope this doesn't get in the way of both their careers, especially because of the age difference


Finally I saw it!!! :DD And I love it! Just how I imagined it to be! And I had to laugh so many times, those wild things are sooo funny, especially Alexander! And the music, whooooo! I had heard the soundtrack by Karen O before seeing the movie so I already knew it, but seeing it together with the images was even better. Fitted so well with the scenes. It's a good example of a film that knows how to put music to great use. And that scene near the end, almost brought me to tears. Bittersweet. And the last shot, perfect. Perfect. Just how I like it. And the opening scene, they freeze and show the title. Brilliant. And the camera moves so fast when they run, and the light at the beach and in the forrest. And the great set. I felt so sorry for Max. I feel like I'm still him sometimes but then at age 23. Life can be said and so much you can't and will probably never fully understand. By the way, Mark Ruffalo, I did not recognize you!

Featurette with Carter Burwell talking about the score for the film

Beach House performing Zebra on Jimmy Fallon

Very nice performance, love their voices

Sunday, 24 January 2010


Because I love the Juun J Fall 2010 collection I checked out what they came up with for Spring and I just happen to really love this piece

I should start making stuff myself


I adore Ann Demeulemeester, or at least the clothes she designs ;)

It's so dark and vampire-ish. They should have put blood spatters on these models' faces. Also, love how the pants are tucked into the boots. Just the way I like it.

The Les Hommes collection is pretty sweet as well

Even the shiny bronze jeans work!