Monday, 31 May 2010


It's another rainy morning, which I like, so much better than a sunny day. Makes me feel calm and safe. Like you can hide yourself in the gloomy air. Yesterday I had a wonderful evening seeing Joanna Newsom perform with her band as well as Mr. Roy Harper who had the pleasure of opening the night with his brilliant guitar playing and storytelling way of singing, took the audience into his wonderful world of stories about war, the sun and the moon, and he and his woman. Mr. Harper looks like such a kind, warm, gentle person. A very charming man and I loved his facial expressions. You can see he plays with love and is passionate about his art. Joanna and her band were wonderful as well. Joanna seems very free spirited and came on stage with such enthusiasm. Like Mr. Harper she too plays with so much love and devotion. I loved how when just after she appeared and she finished her last sentence she immediately and quite unexpectedly started her first song of the evening which left me with no time to inhale another fresh breath of air before the start of the song. So the entire song my mouth was left open astonished by the beauty that had all of a sudden filled the space. It was truly magical and very very special. The band added so much, giving it a kind of theatrical feel sometimes sounding almost like those old radio plays you used to hear on the radio where a story is being told and sound comes in to enrich the words. Each song started with just Joanna on harp or piano and then as the song progressed ('cause you know, most of her songs are pretty long, like a journey) the other instruments joined in and brought the song even more to life. But I really loved how they kept the songs dynamic, going from parts with lots of instruments to quieter moments with just Joanna and the harp/piano. I also loved how during some songs three of the musicians used their hands to make clapping sounds and to me the banjo is always a welcome addition. Nothing but love for the banjo! ;) It was unlike any other concerts I've been to, 'cause usually I stand and look up at the stage whereas now I was seated with the result that the stage was on eye level, making for a competely different perception from what I'm used to. The sound was perfect, so clear, flawless. And you could notice people sitting in awe and some carefully drying those tears running down their cheeks. I'm now looking forward to seeing Jónsi even more. I've heard a lot of great things about him as well so on Thursday I'm in for another night full of magic. And its not even my birthday

No pictures from the concert. I think you weren't allowed to or maybe not allowed to flash, but this was so special I didn't want to ruin anything for the people sitting next to me by taking pictures all the time and making clicking camera sounds. So here's a non-related image instead ;)

By Toyin for Dazed & Confused

Via The Fashionisto

Sunday, 30 May 2010


LOVE this film. Only the second time I've seen it, this time it was even better and I could relate to the main character Zac even more than I did the first time. Especially because of the transformation I feel I've been going through, particularly the first months of this year. Zac and I we're so much alike and (almost) everything he goes through I've been going through at a certain point in my life or am going through right now. I made a post when I saw it first time. You can find that one here. Never cried so much during one film :D And I mean, I never cry during films

Still some of the best couple of minutes ever captured on film, or at least, that's what I think

I'm seeing Joanna Newsom tonight.

Joanna Newsom - Baby Birch from Jason Hendrickson on Vimeo.

It's gonna be surreal

By Christoph Pirnbacher

Rainy Sundays are the best

Tokyo Police Club I LOVE you guys, why did you have to cancel on me?! Champ is a winner!!! I've missed Dave Monks' voice and your fast-paced upbeat tunes. His voice has the ability to really get to me good

Saturday, 29 May 2010


I'm here at my parents' place after quite an emotional day. I did my performance and it went well exactly the way I wanted it to go. But I felt a bit afraid before it was my turn, knowing that it would be very confronting and I would feel very vulnerable. My performance was about something that's very personal and has been frustrating me a lot lately so it was very connected to my feelings and emotions. Didn't cry, but felt like crying all day, also because of some of the other performances by my fellow classmates. So overall I feel like a bit of a mess emotionally, a bit of a wreck, but I manage to make myself appear perfectly fine as usual. Which was another thing that really bothered me while being at school. I feel so much like showing how I feel, but it's like there's a lock on that part of me that holds all of those feelings and I don't know how to open it

My performance was recorded by one of my fellow classmates so maybe, if I approve, I'll post it here for everyone to see, including complete strangers. But I'll definitely show it to everyone I know so don't worry ;) I think it's a good way to get to know me a little bit better or it might at least give you a glimpse of what goes on in that head of mine :P And A LOT goes on in that head of mine

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Yesterday I had a very nice day by the way so it's not all frustration and crying in trains on the way back home all the time! ;)

The Smiths have been on repeat on my Ipod the last couple of days. I'm apparently in need of a good Morrissey boost. His voice gives me comfort and it's comfort I need

Love you Mr. Morrissey

Tomorrow evening I'll be seeing Joanna Newsom :D and she will create a sonic womb just for me to crawl into and feel safe

Thursday, 27 May 2010


Last night I saw both jj and Beach House perform at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, one very dissapointing, the other one great and surprisingly joyful. The singer off jj just stood singing the songs, nothing more. It was as if she was standing in the recording booth. In between she and the guy from the band whispered things to each other while on a big screen behind them video footage of the two were projected. It felt as if I was watching a long video with all the songs strung together going from one track to another. It made it feel as if they were in a hurry and didn't really care much. There was also a third person who decided early on to join them on stage but he just sat down, leaning with his back against the wall, sunglasses on and staring into the crowd. No idea why he was there. It only added to the vagueness of their very weak performance. It's a shame 'cause I really enjoy their music, especially on their full length debut jj No. 2. They could have done so much more with those songs but it seems they just refuse to. So therefore I decided to leave early to get myself a good spot downstairs where Beach House would be playing in the big hall. The Antlers on Tuesday were very heavy when it comes to emotion and I expected Beach House to be the same. A somewhat silent and calm dark performance with tears flowing and parts of me dying throughout the performance. Instead it was the complete opposite. People around me, myself included, were joyfully swaying to the music, one girl arms up high as if she belonged to some kind of cult. Guys in front of me bopping their heads. You could feel the connection. It was as if we threw ourselves a small beach party with the sun slowly going down. It was pure awesomeness. Victoria's voice is wonderful, I could listen to her all day. And her beautiful long hair and red lips. Her hair contantly fell in front of her face making her look like a wild kitten or something pwwrraar :DD I was standing to the right of the stage which meant that Alex, the other half of the duo (even though they brought a third member with them on drums) was standing far away from me, 'cause he was standing at the far left of the stage. His hair looked so cute and I liked the long black shirt he was wearing. I wish I could have had a better look and my damn camera doesn't have a ultra zoom mode so no close-ups :( Better luck next time. But I bet he looked adorable, a bit unshaved and all :P So whereas jj basically sucked, Beach House was great and totally made up for it. Apart from songs from Teen Dream they also did Gila and Heart Of Chambers (that one might be my all-time Beach House favourite) plus they did a new song that sounded very promising. So I can pretty much say Beach House are here to stay. If they come to Lowlands you know where to find me.

I wanted to take more pictures but even though I was standing like row 2 or 3 they felt so far away from me that I thought it wouldn't be any use taking pictures 'cause even with zoom they still seemed far away. But the two I did take don't look that bad. Victoria and Alex don't look THAT small. Next time I know and I'll just be shooting away again

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Finally, new Klaxons


Breakfast On Pluto, It's a rather depressing film event hough it centers around such a colourful character. I didn't love it immensily, though it did grab my attention and managed to keep it until the end. Plus it comes with some pretty nice dialogue and soundtrack. And have I mentioned before that I love love loveeee Cillian Murphy, even more now that I've seen this film! He's an actor I really appreciate because judging from the characters he plays and directors he works with you can see he's really in it for the love of cinema and not just for fame and fortune. He's like Gael García Bernal, actors with good looks who could easily become teenage heartthrobs and nothing else, but who keep showing up in films and roles in which they show their awesome range and acting skills. I've seen him in quite a lot of films already actually: Sunshine, The Dark Knight, Cold Mountain, Girl With A Pearl Earring, The Wind That Shakes The Barley and bits and pieces from 28 Days Later... So here's an interview with Mr. Murphy and his georgeous eyes. Love his, 'cause at times they seem more freaky-ish than pretty :D And I'm not exactly one that goes for pretty, I like pretty with a twist

Tonight jj + Beach House! :P

Someone recorded some of the songs from last night's The Antlers gig, like this one of Bear

Thanks to likeahurricane69

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I know I know it's bad I didn't take any pictures at the Antlers gig, but I just couldn't. I was too moved by the sheer beauty of it. It was such high quality. They kind of went post-rock on my a$$, each time they started a new song it took me a while before I recognized it, because they added so much. It was pretty incredible overall and they mentioned it was their first time playing in Amsterdam (!) Tomorrow it will be jj and Beach House. Beach House might get to me the same way. When Victoria will open her precious mouth and belt out a tune part of me will die a little and a tiny me will shed some tears in a dark corner of my brain or like today I'll cry on the way back home. Second time that ever happened to me. First time was after watching The Road. This time it was even worse. But I survived. I just wished I could have held someone's hand, you know. Or just hug someone right now. But nope. It's just me. As usual. I love Peter Silberman, he sings with so much passion. I was really touched. It makes me want to know more about him, get to know him better. I love his lyrics. I adore Hospice. Wish I'd had another 10 euros in my wallet so I could have bought the 15 euro vinyl they were selling, but alas, I didn't have any. Tomorrow I'll make pictures btw, I promise. A promise to myself. 'Cause I wanted to take them, 'cause I know I'll feel like this afterwards when I don't. But then again there are so many people who don't take pictures, only mental pictures and they don't worry about not taking pictures. But I know I do. So tomorrow I'll talke some ;)
Oooooh and this is only the beginning. Joanna and Jónsi will be soon as well. I'll drown in a sea of tears without anyone to save me but myself:(

So here is not one but two non-Antlers pictures

Shot by Anna Morgowicz featuring Noma Han who looks über-cool!

Via The Fashionisto, of course

You're a mistake I keep making. I should erase you

And a video of an incredible band

I don't want to wake up alone... Please. For once

Monday, 24 May 2010


This Saturday we have our final class and the last assignment is to do a performance. I want to work on it and buy stuff, but all the stores are closed :(

Love these kind of short fashion films

TIME AWAY - BJØRG 2010 from Matias&Mathias on Vimeo.

Picture shot by Nick Dorey, syling by Katy Lassen

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

Sunday, 23 May 2010


Awake way too early. Just bought my Jónsi ticket :P

jónsi - go do (live on late late show with craig ferguson) from Jónsi on Vimeo.

It will be a depressing couple of weeks when it comes to gigs. First The Antlers, then Beach House + jj, Joanna Newsom and last but not least Jónsi. I'd better make myself a really big tissue 'cause I'll be crying like a hurricane

I think I'll sell my Two Door Cinema Club ticket (!) and see them first time on Lowlands instead. Just to save a bit of money. Jónsi and Joanna don't come cheap you know ;)

By Jason Last for Dazed & Confused, starring Shaun Ross

By Anselm Reyle

By Jannis Kounellis

By Andy Warhol

All via Contemporary Art Daily

Posting 10 images from my image collection

Sunday, wake up, give me a cigarette.
Last night's love affair is looking vulnerable in my bed
- Obessions by Marina & The Diamonds

Finally seeing a movie today at the cinema. Feels like ages ago :(

Saturday, 22 May 2010


I normally don't care much about football (for instance, I haven't been watching the Champions League finale) but this is one hell of an advert. Directed by the great Alejandro González Iñárritu

Thanks to Awardsdaily

By Collier Schorr


Jónsi and Joanna Newsom I'm buying tickets to see you. Tokyo Police Club is indeed cancelled btw :((


I'm about to go to school, but first this new Tokyo Police Club video
Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed

TOKYO POLICE CLUB | MySpace Music Videos

I've been hearing their upcoming gig in Amsterdam has been cancelled??? :((( Don't let this be true...

Friday, 21 May 2010


For the first time in weeks I'm actually done with my assignment for school and it's not even past midnight! Bravo! :P Now I can have a early beauty sleep, I could use one ;)

The Cannes film festival is still going on strong, it ends on Sunday with the closing ceremony, but there's already been some good word of mouth surrounding several films and acting performances. For instance, Naomi Watts is said to give her finest performance to date in Doug Liman's Fair Game which also stars Sean Penn. Then there is Javier Bardem in Alejandro González Iñárritu's Biutiful (no typo) a film that has received mixed responses, but everyone seems to agree Bardem's performance is terrific. Then there's Blue Valentine by Derek Cianfrance starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling (Oooooh how I love Dead Man's Bones!). Both actors have received great praise succeeding in creating an authentic on-screen couple for which you really come to care for. One film that has a good chance of actually walking away with the highest honour, that being the Palme D'Or, is Mike Leigh's Another Year. However, the best films so far have been said to be those not in the English language. Let's see what happens, I'll keep my eyes and ears open...

I LOVE The Drums

I LOVE Robyn as well ;)

Robyn 'Dancing On My Own' (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.


The night Marion and I went out dancing she decided I could use some eyeliner :D so that's how I all of a sudden joined the eyeliner or 'guy'-liner club! Well, there isn't a club, as least not as far as I know, but let's just pretend there is. So now I'm an eyeline bitch like Jared Leto, Kurt Cobain, Gael Garcia Bernal, Johnny Depp (when he's Mr. Jack pirate), Devendra Banhart, Brandon Flowers and all those other rock/punk dudes! :P

Yesterday I bought my own eyeliner pencil and of course after I paid at the checkout the woman who handed me my pencil threw a rather bewildered look at me :P

Seems it works best when you look a bit spaced out or make crazy faces, you don't want to end up like a pretty girl you know ;)

I got really bad skin :(

Nope I did not lose my mind :D

More pictures from Lille and Bruxelles. Some taken by me, some by Marion

This day has only just begun but I already can't wait what tomorrow's gonna bring

Joanna Newsom OUI ou NON?

By Simon Bøcker Mørch

For more go here
His blog features a lot of pictures of 15 year old model sensation Sylvester Ulv. Kid's got major style