Sunday, 30 May 2010


LOVE this film. Only the second time I've seen it, this time it was even better and I could relate to the main character Zac even more than I did the first time. Especially because of the transformation I feel I've been going through, particularly the first months of this year. Zac and I we're so much alike and (almost) everything he goes through I've been going through at a certain point in my life or am going through right now. I made a post when I saw it first time. You can find that one here. Never cried so much during one film :D And I mean, I never cry during films

Still some of the best couple of minutes ever captured on film, or at least, that's what I think

I'm seeing Joanna Newsom tonight.

Joanna Newsom - Baby Birch from Jason Hendrickson on Vimeo.

It's gonna be surreal

By Christoph Pirnbacher

Rainy Sundays are the best

Tokyo Police Club I LOVE you guys, why did you have to cancel on me?! Champ is a winner!!! I've missed Dave Monks' voice and your fast-paced upbeat tunes. His voice has the ability to really get to me good

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