Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I know I know it's bad I didn't take any pictures at the Antlers gig, but I just couldn't. I was too moved by the sheer beauty of it. It was such high quality. They kind of went post-rock on my a$$, each time they started a new song it took me a while before I recognized it, because they added so much. It was pretty incredible overall and they mentioned it was their first time playing in Amsterdam (!) Tomorrow it will be jj and Beach House. Beach House might get to me the same way. When Victoria will open her precious mouth and belt out a tune part of me will die a little and a tiny me will shed some tears in a dark corner of my brain or like today I'll cry on the way back home. Second time that ever happened to me. First time was after watching The Road. This time it was even worse. But I survived. I just wished I could have held someone's hand, you know. Or just hug someone right now. But nope. It's just me. As usual. I love Peter Silberman, he sings with so much passion. I was really touched. It makes me want to know more about him, get to know him better. I love his lyrics. I adore Hospice. Wish I'd had another 10 euros in my wallet so I could have bought the 15 euro vinyl they were selling, but alas, I didn't have any. Tomorrow I'll make pictures btw, I promise. A promise to myself. 'Cause I wanted to take them, 'cause I know I'll feel like this afterwards when I don't. But then again there are so many people who don't take pictures, only mental pictures and they don't worry about not taking pictures. But I know I do. So tomorrow I'll talke some ;)
Oooooh and this is only the beginning. Joanna and Jónsi will be soon as well. I'll drown in a sea of tears without anyone to save me but myself:(

So here is not one but two non-Antlers pictures

Shot by Anna Morgowicz featuring Noma Han who looks über-cool!

Via The Fashionisto, of course

You're a mistake I keep making. I should erase you

And a video of an incredible band

I don't want to wake up alone... Please. For once

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Hernâni Gomes said...

My arms would be opened to embrace you. So good to know you felt them, it means you own a beautiful inside. And one way or another, my presence is around anyone blessed with that capacity :D