Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Thursday of next week (May 13) I'll be in Lille! :D

One of the friends of my friend took some pictures during our Queens Day trip in Haarlem and Leiden (no Amsterdam 'cause we never got there) so I'll post some here that have me in it :P Of course these are the ones where I look 'okay' and not too shabby :DD

WAAAAA look at that face, amazing! :PP

Much better :P

WTF?? My arm looks huge!! haha :DD

So why didn't anyone tell me about Swedish duo jj before and told me I HAD to take a listen to this?! 'Cause these kids are freaking awesome! I LOVE their album jj n° 2, it's pure bliss, lush dream pop sounds with soft and charming vocals. It's so romantic, delicate and a tiny bit sad. Here a video for their song Things Will Never Be The Same Again, Intermezzo and a song called My Love

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Hernâni Gomes said...

there´s a picture where you look sweet, and the picture of the arm shows you´ve making some exercise eheheh

I have to check JJ it seems :D