Thursday, 6 May 2010


If everything goes to plan I'll be meeting up with two friends who I havent seen in quite a long time. But first I need to find me some cardboard boxes, 'cause without them I'm stuck and can't continue on this 2D/3D piece I have in mind. It's annoying though when you sometimes look for a specific something, but you can't find it anywhere.

I quite like this Two Door Cinema Club performance

I'm supposed to see them in Paradiso same week as that other club, namely Tokyo Police Club, but I might have to skip 'cause it's on a Wednesday and I'll have to work on Wednesdays. But TDCC come to Lowlands so I bet I'll see them eventually

10 random images from my image collection

It's like creating moodboards, but choosing the images randomnly
you never know what you're gonna get

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