Saturday, 11 September 2010


Like last week I spent 2 nights not sleeping in my own bed and on Thursday night I even shared the bed I slept in with three others! How fun, non?! School life's been treating me kind so far, but this means I only find time to update this bloggie here during the weekend! This week I'll focus more on the homework, less partying and afterschool drinks! Or well... maybe not, we'll see! As long as I find enough time to do my homework it's all alright :P

Lots of images coming up!

Saturday, 4 September 2010


I fear this blog might be dead in a couple of months :( My life outside the internet has become waaaaaaaay too interesting :D And now my external hard drive doesn't work anymore either so I lost my entire image collection :(
So here are some pictures that I saved to my laptop today. There are MANY! So be aware ;)

Also I'm really loving Hurts' album Happiness. One song in particular really makes me want to go out clubbing. It's called Sunday but I can't find it anywhere on YouTube. So unfortunately I won't be able to share that one just a live version of it, which is also quite nice though ;)

I haven't seen a movie in daaaaaaaaaaaysss :(