Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Tonight I'm gonna see Wild Beasts in Paradiso, Amsterdam, but that's still quite a long time from now. So far I've been vacuum cleaning, did some quick grocery shopping at the supermarket downstairs, did a bit of painting, plus a bit of collage-ing :DD Now I guess I'm gonna read a bit. All while listening to music on my computer of course!

There's a good chance I'll die when they start this song...

Model Salieu Jalloh by Paul Maffi for Wonderland

Via The Fashionisto

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I've been loving the new MGMT way more than I thought I would. I enjoy it even more than Oracular Spectacular. This one is a big exploration and one you need to put some time and effort in before it catches on. Now that it did with me, I can't get enough of it and I'm loving every song :D

Here's the very cool video for Flash Delirium. Watching it I keep expecting Grace Zabriskie to suddenly pop up!

Oh the beginning is so cute when Andrew reaches for Ben's hand who's clutching his neck. You can tell it's so staged, but still it's so sweet. Just look at Andrew's face. He's like 'no, don't do that'. It's as if to indicate the two of them take real good care of each other.

To illustrate I made a screencap :)

Awwwwwwww :DDD

And the montage at the end, NICEEEEE!

I've seen Burton's Alice In Wonderland (no Shutter Island yet). I didn't have very high expectations and instead of being excited about seeing the movie I've been feeling way more excited to read the original Lewis Carroll story. I remember as a child my mum read it for me once after getting the book from the library but I have no idea whether we ever finished it or not. But anyway, I have to read it. I feel inclined to. Also, this might be my last time putting on the 3D glasses. Not that I had a huge headache but I can't say I felt truly comfortable watching the film. And honestly, it didn't add that much. So next time I'll be watching a 3D film in 2D again unless I hear watching it in 3D is really worthwhile which is what I've been hearing about Dreamwork's How To Train Your Dragon. As usual Helena Bonham Carter steals every scene she's in. I'm looking forward to what Burton comes up with next and even though it's not at all bad, I'd rather move on and not waste too much time on this one.

Model Freja Beha Erichsen by Emma Summerton

Via Fashion Gone Rogue


Seabear are from Iceland and they're about to release their second album We Built A Fire. I, however, have been having the pleasure of already been able to listen to the record and it's pretty darn good! Warm Blood and Cold Summer are probably my favourites. They've also released a video for the song I'll Build You A Fire which you can enjoy watching below

Seabear - I'll Build You A Fire from seabear on Vimeo.

Visit their site for more

I guess not many people know that much about models like I do so when I say the name Lyle Lodwick it will not exactly ring a bell. But I happen to know the guy pretty well. He's quite the successful model and a favourite of Bryanboy. Now, thanks to Stereogum, I've found out that he, like many other models such as Josh Beech and George Barnett, is in a band. His is called BRAHMS and I like what I hear

Brought It Out by Brahms from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo.

Subtext Is Deadly by Brahms from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo.

Via Stereogum
You can download some demos from their website

I plan on seeing Alice In Wonderland today and perhaps also Shutter Island, 'cause on Tuesdays you get a discount at the Pathé cinema, so better see two on the same day and not having to wait till next Tuesday! ;)

Monday, 29 March 2010


I spent another afternoon at the museum today (it's either museum or cinema, not much else to do) and this time I went to the Hermitage in Amsterdam where at the moment they have an exhibition that includes several paintings by Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky and many more. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take pictures so I have nothing of myself here to share, but I can tell that I saw at least this one with my own eyes

Last Saturday we made a short film of about a minute at school. It was open house but because my former class had not gotten the film workshop some months ago due to the teacher being sick, we had that workshop last Saturday. I can't show the result of my film which I made with a girl from my class Caroline just yet (should have brought an empty CD or memory stick) but in some weeks we get a DVD with all clips made by all the preparatory year students. So hopefully by then I can upload it! We didn't have much time to edit but I'm quite pleased with the final product. I really think the concept we came up with is very cool and a bit unexpected for the type of music we had to use. We were only allowed to choose from about 8 music clips all music from movie trailers. The one we picked was the one for Requiem For A Dream. I can't wait to share it! :D

The styling of this editorial spread is outstanding. Such dreamy imagery. Makes you want to go back in time and be reborn as a duke or something

This one in particular I find to be exquisite:

Shot by Tim Walker, via COÛTE QUE COÛTE

On Wednesday I'll be seeing Wild Beasts in Paradiso! :D

Friday, 26 March 2010


Imagine this video popping up as a sequence in a feature length film, wouldn't that be amazing?

Johansson / Heidi Nilausen from AHDW on Vimeo.

Something like this could have so fitted in J'ai Tué Ma Mère. This is what I mean by saying that film is like one being held together by short/art video sequences. If I ever make a feature length film it will be full of sequences like the one above


Oh, and go to this website Why Music Matters

Features animated shorts about musicians like the one below of Kate Bush

Music Matters - Kate Bush (23-3-10) from Music Matters on Vimeo.

Hmmmmmmmmm I was planning to see The Hurt Locker at a cinema in Amsterdam tonight but I feel like staying home with me, myself and I. Let's watch a movie here, tomorrow going to school! :D


I'm heading over to the cinema tonight to see The Hurt Locker. Perhaps I will watch a film in the afternoon before it as well either at the cinema or at home, but I definitely need to watch more movies!

Again, some random images I've collected over the months that I like to post


I've never listened to these guys before but after seeing this I definitely will

I'm From Barcelona - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

It's like Arcade Fire doing Wake Up out at night

Thursday, 25 March 2010


Last night I went to see The Road (finally!) and ooooo it was so sooooo good! Such a beautiful film about a boy and his father trying to survive in a bleak, grey world where no animals or vegetation is left and gangs are in constant conflict at the expense of the 'good guys'. The boy played by Kodi Smit-McPhee is such a kind boy. He's so afraid and yet brave. Other than his dad he sees the good in people and dares to be slightly naive putting trust in strangers. The film was everything I'd expected after having read the book and more. Good example of a great adaptation! Kodi plays the boy pefrectly. He did everything truly right, he really is the boy, same for Viggo Mortensen who plays the father. I felt for him having to constantly take difficult decisions and coping with the loss of his wife he loved so much. He did everything to protect the boy and therefore couldn't trust anyone. The score for the film was done by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis who also did the score for The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford and the recent Moon. I love listening to scores of films right after having seen the film, such a good way to relive the experience.

Today no cinema or museum, instead I will watch the final episode here at my parents' place where I am right now, of this TV show called Wie Is De Mol? of which I'm a big fan :D It's the only thing on TV that I watch right now apart from , ocassionally, the news. I've just gotten back after spending the early afternoon outside. I rode my bicycle up to the side of the river and sat on a bench having breakfast, as you can see in the pictures below, and then I lay down reading Billy Liar all while listening to the new Dr. Dog album, Lady Of The Sunshine (Angus Stone's solo project) and to Lawrence Arabia's album Chant Darling which I may add is a very good one! ;)

Lately I've been loving the avocado mmmmmmm! :p

Little boy...

My bike!

Red socks! :D

Billy Liar you cheeky boy! Almost as bad-ass as A Clockwork Orange's Alex :D

This is what I look like from the side when reading a book :D Or pretending to read 'cause I can't put the camera into place and make it take pictures all by itself several times while being engaged actively in the act of reading, now can I? I don't have superhero powers, unfortunately :(

Here's Lawrence's video for Apple Pie Bed

Anyone who has seen me walking around over the last year will understand why I would totally love something like this! :DD

Boots with shorts, men skirts or kilts, long johns and men tights ayayay!
The collection is by a brand called Phenomenon and yes, it's truly phenomenal! :)


This was me Dec. 15th, they should have totally asked me to be part of the runway show, I would have blended in easily ;)

And while searching for the picture above I stumbled upon this one which was taken May 19th apparently, almost a year ago when my hair was still more red at the front than it is today

Just to show I look different every second