Monday, 1 March 2010


I'm happy to tell that I'm not gonna be a Chat Roulette addict!! If I tell myself no, it's no. I'm disciplined enough. Right now though I am Chat Rouletting :D but in some minutes I'm leaving to Amsterdam to visit a museum and perhaps watch a movie at one of the cinemas!

But right now I'm suspended for 10 minutes from the site so I can't use the 'next' button. I used the word 'penis' which is not allowed apparently. I mentioned it in a sentence to this French girl explaining her how random this site was and how yucky all these guys showing off their penis, there are quite a lot of them. But you just click 'next' and hope you won't end up getting nightmares while you sleep :p

Two kids looking cool

By Nick Dorey, via The Fashionisto

Thinking about seeing The Soft Pack tomorrow evening, I'm in need of a gig

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