Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Tegan and Sara have been doing a Takeaway show...
They look pretty cute those two

Tegan & Sara - Nineteen - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Very good this one, gives me chills
Sounds so sad

For two more videos, including an acoustic rendition of Feel It In My Bones, go here

Yeasayer for Nylon TV

Chris Keating I love you, see you soon :D

Just the other day my mum told me I should try putting red laces into my Doc Martens after I changed them from black laces to white. Would give me even more of an edge she said. I was a bit skeptical and kind of brushed it off. But now I see the following pictures from the General Idea runway show and those boots with red laces look damn good, so I think I'm gonna find myself a pair and do the same. So fashion forward my mother is ;)

Overall this collection is very good. Nice to see those long john/tights kind of jeans/trousers combined with shorts. Ive been doing that for quite a while :) Would love to have some long johns/tights with a nice print though, but where to find those?

You know when you start listening to an album just out of curiosity and without any expectations at all and then the album turns out to be crazy good. This is what happened to me and the latest Pantha Du Prince album Black Noise. The entire album has such a nice sound, love it from beginning to end. Great mood. Only one song with vocals by Animal Collective's Panda Bear, and it kind of feels as if this whole album is build around this one song. It's strange how similar all these tracks sound and yet they still manage to set themselves apart and stand on their own. I'll be having this on repeat for a couple of days more I bet.

Pantha du prince (feat Panda Bear) - Stick to my side (Official video) from Amaury Riega on Vimeo.

Now let's go paint and not get anywhere near Chat Roulette!!!!!!!