Sunday, 21 March 2010


So I had the most amazing Saturday on Sunday with Yeasayer, going out afterwards with a friend and staying at her place and then this morning hanging out. And now I find the new MGMT album has leaked so I'll take a listen! :DD
Yeasayer were great. They played about every song of the second album and instead of just playing them exactly as on the record they managed to give them a real live treatment with the result that the songs sounded even more fresh. They extended the best parts of some of the songs like with I Remember and they brought the ooohs and aaahs for songs like Madder Red (my favourite of Odd Blood). Chris Keating, I love this guy. He can do no wrong. He looked good he sounded good. When they returned for their encore they said they were going to do three more songs. First one was Grizelda and you could feel the slight dissapointment also from me. Like many others I think, I thought they had already played every song of their new album so now it was time for three All Hour Cymbals classics! I love Grizelda though, got nothing bad to say about that track, but I wanted some old stuff! But after Grizelda you knew there were only two more songs left to play and those were going to be Sunrise and 2080. When those two started Chris really came alive and his voice reached new heights. Mmmmmmmmmmm I could listen to him all day. The crowd was good, I was standing at the front with my friend and people around us were dancing. Everyone was very enthusiastic. I knew it was going to be good when I walked in at 7.30 pm and it was already very crowded. After songs like O.N.E. and Almbling Alp people went wild and also before the encore the crowd kept screaming for more. They're such a good live band and their mix of styles make for a very interesting night out. At times it was like being at a beach party or Vampire Weekend at Lowlands of last year. Would really love to see these guys again. I took a couple of pictures, not many, was too busy enjoing the gig, I'll post them another time. I'm at my parents' and I don't have the cable to connect my cam to my laptop here. Still no internet at my own place. Probably need to find a new someone who can provide me with a solid connection and more importantly, someone who I can trust to be pay the bills on time!

Some people made videos, this is one of them

On June 29th Wolf Parade might release a double album or an LP plus EP! :DDD They say they've recorded like 80 minutes of new material and want to release all of it as they feel every song is worth releasing! Can't wait, you know how much I love my Wolf Parade ;D

Spring has officially started. Weather is good. Been wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts. Summer can't come to soon

No internet has meant no Chat Roulette, a good thing

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