Monday, 29 March 2010


I spent another afternoon at the museum today (it's either museum or cinema, not much else to do) and this time I went to the Hermitage in Amsterdam where at the moment they have an exhibition that includes several paintings by Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky and many more. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take pictures so I have nothing of myself here to share, but I can tell that I saw at least this one with my own eyes

Last Saturday we made a short film of about a minute at school. It was open house but because my former class had not gotten the film workshop some months ago due to the teacher being sick, we had that workshop last Saturday. I can't show the result of my film which I made with a girl from my class Caroline just yet (should have brought an empty CD or memory stick) but in some weeks we get a DVD with all clips made by all the preparatory year students. So hopefully by then I can upload it! We didn't have much time to edit but I'm quite pleased with the final product. I really think the concept we came up with is very cool and a bit unexpected for the type of music we had to use. We were only allowed to choose from about 8 music clips all music from movie trailers. The one we picked was the one for Requiem For A Dream. I can't wait to share it! :D

The styling of this editorial spread is outstanding. Such dreamy imagery. Makes you want to go back in time and be reborn as a duke or something

This one in particular I find to be exquisite:

Shot by Tim Walker, via COÛTE QUE COÛTE

On Wednesday I'll be seeing Wild Beasts in Paradiso! :D

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