Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I spent all afternoon in Amsterdam today and for most part I spent it with Jónsi, as well as the other lads of Sigur Rós, but mostly with Jónsi. And when Jónsi sings I'm in trance and it's like the sky opens up and the sun shines through and the world's waking up from a coma. Today summer has arrived unannounced, coming in a couple of months early, seriously I could have walked around naked and it would have been perfectly fine. It was a very warm day especially compared to some weeks ago when it was freezing cold. I feel this year is going to be the year of excess, same as last winter, this summer will probably be remembered for its extremes. It's only spring and it's already real nice out so imagine what summer will do. My favourite song of Jónsi, 'cause let get back to Jónsi, probably is Boy Lilikoi. It's so sweet, not sure what exactly a Lilikoi Boy is, but who cares, hearing this song I'd love to be a Lilikoi Boy :D When the song starts it's pink ribbons and glitter for the first couple of minutes, but then it becomes a bit more serious, and the sugarcoating slowly comes off. But oooh I love the beginning. It's so cute. Makes me feel like a little boy. Coming to think of it, I wonder what it would be like hearing this as a girl, I don't think it would have the same effect, or would it? I'll never be able to tell though. Anyway, it was a good day. Was supposed to go to the cinema but the weather made me change my plans, so tomorrow museum + cinema. Probably yes.

Apart from listening to Jónsi while lying in the grass I also read the second chapter of Billy Liar, 'cause that's what I'm reading at the moment and I love it so much already. It's like A Clockwork Orange. Seems I'm a big fan of books about troubled youth growing up in the UK. It's either this or stories set in 19th century Paris à la Guy de Maupassant's Yvette or Balzac's Père Goriot.

The big tree I was lying under

Me on webcam, I was bored so I took some snapshots

I had to take a new picture for this public transport discount card so I stepped into the photobooth last Friday
This is the result

Me with my twin brother

My right eye looks as if wants to close itself and I'm not exactly looking straight into the cam, but oh well, nobody's perfect

I was hoping to come out like this like last time, but alas :)

Thomas Penfound you and I should sooooo switch hair!!!!

Shot by David Armstrong for Dazed & Confused, via The Fashionisto

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Hernâni Gomes said...

not Jonsí, it was supposed to be me :D