Thursday, 25 March 2010


Last night I went to see The Road (finally!) and ooooo it was so sooooo good! Such a beautiful film about a boy and his father trying to survive in a bleak, grey world where no animals or vegetation is left and gangs are in constant conflict at the expense of the 'good guys'. The boy played by Kodi Smit-McPhee is such a kind boy. He's so afraid and yet brave. Other than his dad he sees the good in people and dares to be slightly naive putting trust in strangers. The film was everything I'd expected after having read the book and more. Good example of a great adaptation! Kodi plays the boy pefrectly. He did everything truly right, he really is the boy, same for Viggo Mortensen who plays the father. I felt for him having to constantly take difficult decisions and coping with the loss of his wife he loved so much. He did everything to protect the boy and therefore couldn't trust anyone. The score for the film was done by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis who also did the score for The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford and the recent Moon. I love listening to scores of films right after having seen the film, such a good way to relive the experience.

Today no cinema or museum, instead I will watch the final episode here at my parents' place where I am right now, of this TV show called Wie Is De Mol? of which I'm a big fan :D It's the only thing on TV that I watch right now apart from , ocassionally, the news. I've just gotten back after spending the early afternoon outside. I rode my bicycle up to the side of the river and sat on a bench having breakfast, as you can see in the pictures below, and then I lay down reading Billy Liar all while listening to the new Dr. Dog album, Lady Of The Sunshine (Angus Stone's solo project) and to Lawrence Arabia's album Chant Darling which I may add is a very good one! ;)

Lately I've been loving the avocado mmmmmmm! :p

Little boy...

My bike!

Red socks! :D

Billy Liar you cheeky boy! Almost as bad-ass as A Clockwork Orange's Alex :D

This is what I look like from the side when reading a book :D Or pretending to read 'cause I can't put the camera into place and make it take pictures all by itself several times while being engaged actively in the act of reading, now can I? I don't have superhero powers, unfortunately :(

Here's Lawrence's video for Apple Pie Bed

Anyone who has seen me walking around over the last year will understand why I would totally love something like this! :DD

Boots with shorts, men skirts or kilts, long johns and men tights ayayay!
The collection is by a brand called Phenomenon and yes, it's truly phenomenal! :)


This was me Dec. 15th, they should have totally asked me to be part of the runway show, I would have blended in easily ;)

And while searching for the picture above I stumbled upon this one which was taken May 19th apparently, almost a year ago when my hair was still more red at the front than it is today

Just to show I look different every second

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