Sunday, 31 August 2008


The travelling is over, I've seen so much of Europe, almost different city/country every day. It has been the most amazing thing and can definitely recommend it! Gonna miss the nighttrain though and the sharing of experiences with fellow travellers who you meet randomnly as you make your way through. Now I have to get ready for uni again doing my Masters. Need to catch some sleep and would love to do it all over, maybe next year?

Not that much change after 22 days.

Friday, 8 August 2008


I'm leaving soon. Hope I'll make it back home safe. Three weeks. Big adventure. I'm ready. Will be posting here as much as I can if I find a place to connect to the net.

And now let's wave to the camera...

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


The Dark Knight, extremely cool, Ledger is a brilliant Joker and has multiple showstealing scenes. It's fun from beginning to end and it's one of those films which I wouldn't mind seeing again immediately. Sometimes I feel watching a film again too soon could spoil the amazing experience I had, but with the latest Batman I could just go a second time and enjoy it all over again. It's just a very fun ride. I also really enjoyed watching Gary Oldman, really enjoyed his character.

Right now I'm pretty much obsessing over Explosions In The Sky. They get better every listen. I guess it's just because their songs are so long so every time you discover something new. Thanks to Euan for having recommended them to me somewhere during the last ten months. It's always easier checking out bands of which friends tell you they're truly worth your time. So many great tunes, one of which is Time Stops, which gets crazy good at around 4.45! And I just love the title of one of their EPs, Suddenly I Miss Everyone.

Also, Devendra Banhart. Loved the guy, but never felt I truly got into him before. But this was until some days ago I decided to listen to Rejoicing In The Hands which features the song A Sight To Behold which truly won me over. Worth your time I say ;)

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Finally I will see it! Most anticipated so far, apart from Boy A, 4:30 (Filmmuseum, need to get there!), The Visitor (watch The Station Agent and you'll know why), and since recently In Search Of A Midnight Kiss. Will it live up to the hype? We'll see...