Saturday, 26 July 2008


...and I'm going! :p

November 10th I will see this:

December 2nd I will see this:

Cold War Kids and Wolf Parade live in Paradiso! Whuhahaha! :D


It's pretty much finished. The essentials are there. I love my room and I'm upstairs so I have a cool view when looking out the window! :)

Thursday, 24 July 2008


I don't usually listen to hip-hop/rap anymore, but every now and then I check out an album because of good reviews. And I do still really love M.I.A., Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, so I still hold some interest for it. I even love Lupe way more than Kanye. The Cool Kids' Bake Sale immediately starts of with some very cool beats and lots of energy. It's an instant hit. Their sound is very fresh and I like freshness so I'm definitely keeping this one in my music file. The track '88' so far is still my favourite.

Thursday, 17 July 2008


It's a photograph by French photographer Bettina Rheims, but it looks like it could have been a painting. Sometimes the two stand so close. What nowadays is truly real?

@!LIFE IN 1984^&

I'm finally reading George Orwell's 1984 and so far I'm really enjoying it. I love how immediately from the beginning of the book you get this feeling of suspense and mystery and are morphed into this complete different universe. It's very imaginative which I find to really like. 'War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.' Food for thought.


Some pictures of my room as it slowly starts to take shape. I've been sleeping here since Sunday. I didn't realize it at first but I've definitely moved in quickly. I got the keys on the 3th or 4th of July and on the 13th I'm already living here. So yeah, I'm moving fast.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I went to my room today and took some new pictures, but I can't access them right now as my mum has taken the camera with her to a concert to see Common (a rapper, for all of you who don't know) together with my brother. So I'll upload those when I have them. Made a cake and a bread today, yep, real signs of summer vacation. 'Cause that's what I most of the time do to get through the summer which most of the time happens to be very boring. Both look and taste real nice. I should have made pictures as well. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks to Marion for introducing me to Rock Plaza Central. Didn't know them before, but they're GOOD and sound kind of similar to Neutral Milk Hotel which is not a bad thing at all. So whenever I'm not listening to Bon Iver I will go and listen to them, while also discovering all these other new bands she told me about and some which I discovered myself today. Apparently their album Are We Not Horses? is all about steel horses who I guess seem to have a hard time excepting they're not real horses, but horses made of steel. Hence song titles like I Am An Excellent Steel Horse and Our Hearts Will Not Rust? Pretty wack, but who cares. If singing about steel horses is what it takes to make an excellent album, then so be it! And of course they're from Canada. ;)


Every now and then I still find myself pretty much obsessing over Bon Iver, as I do right now. Flume, Skinny Love, amazing tracks. Here he is live at Later With Jools Holland. It's perfect and I have to warn all of you who for some reason happen to feel sad right now, watching this clip can make for a lot of tears puring down so make sure you got your tissues ready! Btw, anyone fancy to see him live in Paradiso September 19th? :p

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


A graphic designer, Brendan Dawes, has come up with the great idea to put an entire film on one poster sheet. What he did is he captured an image of the frame every second and put them across a big sheet. Every line consists of 60 images, which means one minute of the film. He did this e.g. with Hitchcock's Vertigo, Scorsese's Taxi Driver, and Friedkin's The French Connection. Still though, I bet it's not the same as with watching the real film. There's no sound, just the images telling the story, which is a beautiful thing, but just doesn't capture the entire experience these films have to offer. Some of the posters are bigger than the others of course, depending on each film's duration. The posters of the three films I mentioned you can find below. Can you find out which poster shows which film?

#!ROOM NO. 1)(

So far my room is coming together pretty well. Okay, I lived together in Canterbury for like ten months, but there I kind of had no choice as my parents didn't move to the UK with me. So here it's kind of more official as I'm really moving out, leaving my parents' place, replacing it for my own room even though I could easily stay with them. So when you think about it, this is the real deal. This is really my first place. This I will tell my kids, you know like, look that's where dad used to live when he was still 21 years young! I will take some new pictures, but below you can see some before there was a vinyl carpet floor, chairs, and a dinner table, 'cause that's the way it is right now. Apart from having my wonderful new room, I found out my dissertation was marked with a 7,5, which means I'm done! I'm a bachelor! I made it through afterall. Venus and Nadal both are the new Wimbledon champions. Nadal won, unfortunately, after a very VERY long match against the defending champion Roger Federer.

On music, listening to Air Traffic a lot and Yeasayer is still going strong, can't get enough of those guys. They're really great and I come to appreciate them more and more.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I love this. Os Gêmeos ('the twins') are two twin brothers from Brazil and they make crazy graffiti art. Their style, their use of colours, so fresh, so beautiful. When I see it I want to eat it up!


It seems this song is really getting bigger and might become the big summer hit of this year, so be aware. It's already climbing up its way to the top of the charts in the US. Not sure whether I would prefer this song being played over and over again over Rihanna's big smash Umbrella, but at least the video is more interesting, though very VERY colorful. Seems Solange won't longer be just known for being Beyoncé Knowles's younger sister as it seems I Decided will lead to success of her own.


As with Robyn Santogold isn't exactly one of those artists I would immediately go crazy for. Though in contrast to Robyn Santogold is far less pop, instead mixing a lot of different styles reaching a sound which is similar to that of M.I.A. in its freshness. So far I happen to really like her album with its catchy beats and Santogold's different sounding voice. The album is out for a while already and got rave reviews, but at that time I didn't feel to hop along onto the band waggon and rather went along on my owm path discovering new music by myself even though looking at the album cover, which has a strame of gold coming out of Santi White's (her real name) mouth, got me pretty excited. Now some weeks later I thought I'd give it a try and I'm glad I did. I like artists who mix a lot of different styles and at times Santogold's debut reminds me of Nelly Furtado's Whoa Nelly! which is still Furtado's besta nd most daring work to date. It's a pity most people now only seem to know her from the Loose era. Hopefully Santogold keeps moving on in the same direction of her debut for her follow-ups.


So now Euro 2008 is over the spotlight can really focus on Winbledon. Already heading towards the quarter finals, especially in the women's singles a lot of favourites are out including its three top seats, Ivanovic, Sharapova, and Jankovic. I've always
been a supporter of the Williams sisters and I like come-backs (even though Venus won last year) so I would not mind seeing the two sisters going head to head in the final. Most people aren't fans though, but I think what makes the people who do support them interested is that family factor they always bring along. Apart from being sisters and both very succesful at what they do the rest of the family is always brought along such as father Richard and mother Oracene. We spectators don't know much about those two, besides our knowledge of them being divorced and Richard always taking a load of pictures, but there's something about them that just seems to spark an interest in people every time they show up.

With the men there aren't any big surprises other than someone like Đoković being sent home early on in the tournament. But the two guys who most likely will meet in the final are still playing. So as always it's fun to see some players like Safin win and go through to the next round, but you can already be like 99% sure it will all end up being about Federer and Nadal.


Thanks to Torres, who finally scored, Spain won Euro 2008 beating Germany. Spain deserved to win, they play well and energetic which makes it really fun to watch for us spectators.