Tuesday, 29 December 2009

*_FAREWELL 2009"+

Got my camera, towels, jeans, shirts, even a pair of extra shoes (!), boxers, socks. I'm all packed and ready to go. Have to leave early tomorrow. Farewell internet and all its virtual citizens...

I'm super excited. Plan on taking lots and lots of pictures again like last time :)
Will be back in 2010, my last days of being a 22 year old :(
Happy new year! :D

OK so let's brush my teeth then play Japandroids really loud one last time and hop into bed :DD They're so goood!!

Yikes it's snowing again!


Feels good to leave

Japandroids - The Boys Are Leaving Town from Mark Hegge on Vimeo.

I love all the songs from this film

Louis Garell is the embodiment of a French guy, he's just so French. Perfect

Especially this song I like

More here or just buy the film on DVD ;)

Leaving tomorrow

Mmmmmmmmmmm I love this picture
Shot by Alasdair McLellan

Via Models.com

Monday, 28 December 2009


In Inglourious Basterds the character played by Daniel Brühl can be seen in the film that's having its premiere at the cinema of the character played by Mélanie Laurent. This film is called Stolz Der Nation and thanks to Awards Daily I can now share the film in its entirety :)

Every film student knows why the part with the baby in the stroller is so amazing. It's like an inside joke. I love that about Tarantino :D

Do designers ever donate their clothing to poor boys like me?
Or anyone has 620 dollars to spare?
'Cause that's the price on this lovely Chronicles Of Never oblique coat

I need a sugar daddy :D

Those shoes are really nice as well btw, look at those soles, they go so well together with the black


After sleeping three nights at my parents' place I'm back sleeping in my own bed, but right now I'm at my parents' place again 'cause it's one of those days I have no idea what to do :(( It's probably because I'm leaving to Paris the day after tomorrow so I feel there's no point in going anywhere like the cinema or a concert or any of those things. It's like I'm having two gap days and I'm just waiting for my train to leave

Shot by Horst Diekgerdes

I don't feel like being alone today, I mean, I'd rather not be alone every day but it's one of those days that I just can't handle it :( I need someone to talk to

WHAT?! Real Estate, Good Shoes, The Swell Season, The Drums, Hockey, Times New Viking, Broken Social Scene, Fanfarlo, The New Pornographers, they're all coming to Amsterdam the first half year of 2010! Let's see if I got time + money :D

I quite like Hockey by the way

Sunday, 27 December 2009


Ooooooooo so this is Hockey, I've heard this song before. But where?? Any idea?

I havent figured out yet whether I like this song or not. Right now I think I find it a bit annoying. It seems to gimmicky, like they're trying too much. I'll give their album some spins though

For a minute lets forget about The Takeaway Show and Black Cab Sessions and focus on Le HibOO

Loooooooove his voice

HibOO d'Live : Editors "Papillon" from Le-HibOO.com on Vimeo.

I feel their last album has just faded into the background, it deserves way more love :(

The Broken Bells album is really good, plus I quite like Alicia Keys' latest album. More than I expected :)

Exhausted NEED Sleeeeeeep, Christmas is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (finally)
I'm refusing food for the rest of the week


Excellent :D

I'm leaving to Paris on Wednesday not Thursday. Bit confused :)

By Camilla Åkrans

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

Saturday, 26 December 2009


I had seen the commercial before, but never this backstage video!

Backstage Miss Dior Cherie from Beauty Hunter on Vimeo.


Have been watching Marie Antoinette. I'm tired of eating. the snow is gone, sun is shining. It looks like Spring.

Normally I'm the only one taking the pictures, but because else it seems I wasn't there on Christmas my brother took a shot of me eating.
Here I am with my mum. Taken yesterday evening :)

Excuse my brother for not having quite yet figured out my camera yet. I was eating, I didn't feel like explaining everything to full detail ;) So these are me in movement, a bit blurry...

Friday, 25 December 2009


And we're having a white Christmas! According to a friend of mine the first since 1981! :DD It's official
Merry X-Mas to all

Been watching Une Femme Est Une Femme this morning, couldn't sleep

Une femme est une femme from Marienbad on Vimeo.

Anna Karina of the 60s I adore you, please marry me

Mais noooooon, il pleut :(((
There goes the snow...

Thursday, 24 December 2009


Il y a une nouvelle émission de concerts à emporter! Cette fois ce sont The Antlers qui faire quelque chansons de leur album Hospice


The Antlers - Shiva - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Two + Epilogue

The Antlers - Two / Epilogue - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

La semaine prochaine je vais aller à Paris! :DDD

Hmmm I should seriously consider practicing my French again...


And we didn't even open our presents yet. Well, my parents have a lp player actually, but basically it's mine. If I say it's mine it's mine. I might just take it with me and never return it :D

Well, we have an Elvis and Jackson 5 Christmas record, another one of the Jackson 5, one by The Rolling Stones (4LPs), Bob Marley, Ike & Tina Turner :D, Paul Simon (my mum loves the guy) and a lot more. Lots of soul, like Marvin Gaye and stuff. Too bad my parents didn't really listen to people like David Bowie, Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam. Or maybe they did listen but they didn't buy their LPs :(( My mum didn't even know who Joy Division were and I could swear she told me about Love Will Tear Us Apart once!


I think I'm starting to hate Christmas... :((


Contributing Editor is back and how! They went from a blogspot to having their own proper domain. Always bringing high quality photo shoots. Love it!!

This spread is brilliant, so many great pictures! A definite win

Photographer: Matthew Kristall

Amazing, no?

Some new ones by Leon Mark :D

And by another favourite of mine Thomas Lohr

From Fashion Gone Rogue comes the following

Karlie Kloss by Ben Hassett

By Guy Aroch

Girl looks like a young Natalie Portman in Léon

These are photographed by Mischa Taylor, love that first picture :p

That's another fashion editorial fix for ya!

I'm listening to We Were Promised Jetpacks for the first time right now and I'm feeling the love. They're a Scottish band so the singer sounds like Frightened Rabbit's frontman, but these guys make more rock-ish kind of songs. I like this a LOT. They're like Bombay Bicycle Club but more mature. Go check them out :D

Nice video you guys

We Were Promised Jetpacks: Roll Up Your Sleeves from Bluestar Animation on Vimeo.

Now off to do some last-minute Christmas shopping! Happy holidays! :DD