Sunday, 6 December 2009


Oh how I regret not having checked out Silversun Pickups before, 'cause last night they were playing in Amsterdam's Melkweg and if I had known how amazing they are as I do know now I would have so been there! I've only listened to their latest release Swoon so far, but based on that one I can already tell they're more than average and I'll be listening to them a lot in the next couple of days, 'cause I really like what I hear. It might not be a Dead Man's Bones or The xx kind of moment just yet, but who knows, it might be. I'm just not calling it yet. But I'm really liking these guys a lot. A LOT. I feel an obsession coming...

Here's their video for Panic Switch

Katherine Squier. She's only one year younger than me...

Visit her official website
She also has a Flickr

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