Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Each year there is at least one film I regret for not having seen it when it was released in cinemas, this year that film is James Gray's Two Lovers.
Congrats to all of you who have seen it!

Les Cahiers Du Cinéma has released its top 10 of films released in France in 2009

1. Les Herbes folles , Alain Resnais
2. Vincere , Marco Bellochio
3. Inglourious Basterds , Quentin Tarantino
4. Gran Torino , Clint Eastwood
5. Singularités d’une jeune fille blonde , Manoel de Oliveira
6. Tetro , de Francis Ford Coppola
7. Démineurs , Kathryn Bigelow
8. Le Roi de l’évasion , Alain Guiraudie
9. Tokyo Sonata , Kiyoshi Kurosawa
10. Hadewijch , Bruno Dumont

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