Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I got my package yesterday containing new Polaroid 600 Film, woohoo! BUT, it's not the best film :( I guess that happens when it's expired. But I have a feeling the four I have left will come out much better as the polaroids seem to cover more of the image with each one that I take.

It has its charms though

I've been doing nothing all day, ughhhhhh. Well, I made some drawings, unsolved the mystery concerning my neighbour and of course I hung out at the internet, which is my favourite hangout. Also, I woke up very early and listened to some Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Bat For Lashes, PJ Harvey and Placebo. Not bad at all.

I'm waiting for the snow to fall, but I have a feeling I can wait for a veeeeeeeeeerrryyyyy long time... :((

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