Sunday, 27 December 2009


Ooooooooo so this is Hockey, I've heard this song before. But where?? Any idea?

I havent figured out yet whether I like this song or not. Right now I think I find it a bit annoying. It seems to gimmicky, like they're trying too much. I'll give their album some spins though

For a minute lets forget about The Takeaway Show and Black Cab Sessions and focus on Le HibOO

Loooooooove his voice

HibOO d'Live : Editors "Papillon" from on Vimeo.

I feel their last album has just faded into the background, it deserves way more love :(

The Broken Bells album is really good, plus I quite like Alicia Keys' latest album. More than I expected :)

Exhausted NEED Sleeeeeeep, Christmas is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (finally)
I'm refusing food for the rest of the week

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