Friday, 11 December 2009


Pictures via Frillr

And a very insightful interview with monsieur, also via Frillr

How did you Get Started?

LM : I studied film but I found myself preferring stills of the films rather than making a whole sequence, so right at the end of my studies I switched over to photography missing out on all the technical workshops so I had to just teach myself, later on I went to central saint martins art school for a year but found it to restricting, so mainly I just worked alone and found out what I liked to shoot and took it from there.

What Inspires/ Motivates / Influences You?

LM : I take a lot of influences for my work from books and films; I love Twin peaks by David Lynch, The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis,

Describe Your Artistic Process?

LM : I try and create an atmosphere to the photos, Its quite hard in London to find really beautiful locations, so the Location for me is really important and then finding the right person for the photographs, Also I Love working with film and try to get everything just how I want it, rather than using post production on images at the end to create a result

How do you describe your style?

LM : I love using vintage films, cameras; I love experimenting to get really beautiful colors,

Is there an image from your early days (your own or someone you admire) that you admire

LM : I Love all of Andy Warhol’s Polaroid’s that he took, they were very simple but stood out a lot, and I can’t believe that Polaroid has stopped making films!

What Are you living for now?

LM : Right now I’m really wanting to see the informers film, I’m hoping its going to be amazing, and loving the fact that the sun is starting to come back in London

What's Next?

LM : More editorial work, but I’m also working on a project for an exhibition, which I’m hoping to show quite soon.

What advice would you give to someone looking at a career in photography?

LM : While studying is important as it’s good to have an knowledge of art history, photography students shouldn’t always listen to lecturers, just stay with what you like as a photographer, be persistent and if your going to work within fashion be prepared to be poor for quite a while.

Everyday I learn

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