Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I'm a bit in shock. I arrived home just some minutes ago and when I walked in I found the door to the room of my neighbour to be wide open and his apartment to be empty! Okay, for the last couple of weeks , the day after I last saw him, I noticed some stuff like his toothbrush to be gone. Then some days passed and I noticed he took all his stuff from the bathroom, so he wasn't on holiday to Germany, a thought that crossed my mind. So then I was thinking that maybe he was staying at his friend's place, 'cause his friend was staying at his place for a while until he would find his own place. The day I saw my neighbour for the last time they were carrying stuff out of his room, which I thought were things belonging to his friend. So it appeared his friend had finally found an apartment of his own. After all of my neighbour's stuff disappeared from the bathroom I came home twice noticing that he was at home, probably using Skype 'cause it seemed he was speaking to some of his friends whom he met during the time he studied in Argentina. But both times he didn't spend the night at his place. Now days later I find his room to be completely empty! He moved out and I don't think he's coming back 'cause he really took all of his things. I don't know how to feel. Perhaps he found a much cooler place to live and he's perfectly happy, but part of me wonders whether he might not have liked it here and that's why he left. It makes me feel a bit bad, like it's a bit my fault and I should have tried to make his stay much more nicer. But then again he was smoking spliffs quite often and seemed to have a really fun personality, so he might be alright :) He doesn't seem the kind of person who worries about things too much and would feel sad about living here. Plus, those days he did live here he seemed to enjoy. There's a really good chance he left just because he preferred living with his friends instead of all on is own. But I can't help worrying a bit though. It just all seems so sad. He's just gone and I don't know why or where to. I did not expect the possibility of already experiencing the coming of neighbour number 3 :( Not this soon...

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