Sunday, 6 December 2009


Had plans for tomorrow and now I have none. Was going for a photography walk with the people from my workshop class and take pictures of Amsterdam. they have this special route all set out for us. Really cool. But unfortunately it's cancelled. I also was planning on seeing Julian Plenti even though I didn't have tickets. But I looked around on and found someone who had a ticket to sell so that one was going to be mine. We were supposed to meet in front of the Melkweg tonight, but because of an accident there were no longer any trains going directly from Haarlem to Amsterdam so I have not been able to pick up the ticket. I could go tomorrow and see if someone still sells a ticket before the show starts but I'm not sure I'll be willing to put all that effort into it. Pity.
So now I have an empty schedule :(

Just opened a third Flickr account, yep, I'm avoiding the premium membership :) This one will be for concert pictures I guess. Go here

And I finally saw Moon tonight! Loved it lots, really plays with the mind and has some unexpected turns. It also looks very good and I don't think they had a big budget to work with. Plus, great music by Clint Mansell, am listening to the soundtrack right now, after I'll put myself to sleep...

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