Monday, 28 December 2009


After sleeping three nights at my parents' place I'm back sleeping in my own bed, but right now I'm at my parents' place again 'cause it's one of those days I have no idea what to do :(( It's probably because I'm leaving to Paris the day after tomorrow so I feel there's no point in going anywhere like the cinema or a concert or any of those things. It's like I'm having two gap days and I'm just waiting for my train to leave

Shot by Horst Diekgerdes

I don't feel like being alone today, I mean, I'd rather not be alone every day but it's one of those days that I just can't handle it :( I need someone to talk to

WHAT?! Real Estate, Good Shoes, The Swell Season, The Drums, Hockey, Times New Viking, Broken Social Scene, Fanfarlo, The New Pornographers, they're all coming to Amsterdam the first half year of 2010! Let's see if I got time + money :D

I quite like Hockey by the way

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