Monday, 14 December 2009


I love it how Haneke just keeps being Haneke and doesn't let anyone change his style. Where did he find these kids by the way, great casting!

Picture via The Fashionisto

Old pictures of me, February 5 & 8, 2009

So yeah I've been sporting this hair style for quite a long time now...

Because they got mentioned again, talkin 'bout The Drums, I decided to have a quick look at their music video for Let's Go Surfing. Apparently they made two EPs, the first one The Drums EP, second one Summertime! EP. The second one I couldn't find at first so then I just didn't listen to them. But now I have.

Their video is sexy

There's just something really intriguing about it, that laid-backness. Just running. And then he takes of his sweater and you wonder WHY? It's hot this video. It just is :P

Hedi Slimane shot the boys a while ago, I mean with a camera of course, not a shotgun

Pictures via Slimane's Rock Diary

Bedtime's arriving a little late tonight...

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