Friday, 31 July 2009


Even though she pretends to be turning into a wolf her singing still sounds like she's bleating. Here's her new video for She Wolf. It's not as crazy and gittery as Beyoncé's latest but it comes pretty close. In some weeks I bet this will bring her back to world domination. Each time you'll turn on the TV it will be Shakira, Shakira, Shakira! Expect everyone to have found his/her own she wolf in the closet by the end of the summer.

I can understand about the cage but I have no idea what pink glittery caves have to do with wolves...

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Can't wait. I'm normally not a big fan of Mr. Clooney, but his voice fits very well here.

The Monkeys are already done. Enjoyed it in all it's shortness. Nice to hear those songs played live. But because they're a quality band it sounded as good as the studio versions so not much new here. Here are some screencaps I took.

I watched Ponyo today ADORABLE!! Incredibly cute. This one is more directed towards the little kids than some of Miyazaki's other works. There are no characters spitting blood in this one, just lots of water :)I felt like a toddler most of the time with a big grin on my face. I loved the characters and the diversity of style in animation. I might go to the cinema tomorrow again as well. There's not much else to do really :D



Arctic Monkeys Live Transmission

The new album has leaked! I've been enjoying it so far. Much darker stuff than their previous two albums. I like it :)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I'm starting to learn a bit more about my camera. Just recently I looked for the Dutch manual that came with the camera and started reading it something I had never done before (!) The thing is when I buy something like a camera I don't have the patience to first read the manual and get to know all about the different options, I just want to start shooting pictures. So for months I've been using this thing without having complete knowledge about every button and all the possibilities it offers. I just kept using the same options and when switching between them I never really noticed any clear difference. But after having done some more reading this morning and experimenting this afternoon I've come to realize there really are differences! Of course I guessed this was already the case. It had to be, why else are there different options and not just one?! But having more knowledge about what each button is for and the possibilities it offers I now understand my camera way better than I did yesterday. It's funny when you read the manual and you follow the instructions that when you try it out yourself you actually really get what you read. I didn't know I was able to manually change the darkness and brightness and to such huge extent! For some people this might be no news, but to me it is! :)) I may even end up feeling very different towards using the auto-correct button on my pc or programmes like Photoshop. Because it has become really clear to me now that you can already brighten up an image with your camera. So either way you do this while shooting or do this after during post-production using Photoshop or the auto-correct button. There's no real difference really. Nothing seems completely real anymore. There's always some intervention going on whether you like it or not. I guess I'd always knew this and at the same time not really. It seems I had to be made aware. So it's a good thing I'm finally learning. Only downside is that I now feel like I have a million different possibilities to take a picture that I didn't have yesterday. So how am I going to choose?! I guess in time I will learn to recognize a certain situation and immediately know what option or style is best to use but for now these next couple of days will be filled with discovery.

Tomorrow at 9 pm UK time, 10 pm here, Arctic Monkeys will do a live web transmission playing songs from their upcoming third album Humbug! Watch it all go down here
I'll make sure I'll be home watching!!


Had a lovely day in Amsterdam with my mother and brother. Felt like we were on holiday! And then dinner with my mum and dad. A good day that came just in time.

My dad. Nice picture, no?

Grbavica, I watched it tonight.

On the box it says 'An important film'.
I agree. - Analyzing Pictures

I got a call back on Monday for a job that I wanted. This guy starts to ask me all these questions about why I'm most interested in the job, etc. The usual stuff. So in my mind I'm thinking, okay, he'll probably asks me how many days I would be able to work next. But instead he all of a sudden says: for this job we're looking for people with more experience so keep checking our site if there might be any other jobs you're interested in. And then it was goodbye. It went so fast that I couldn't even react the way I wanted to. I felt kind of betrayed and ill-treated. He didn't even say like, okay it's nice your interested, but unfortunately the company's only looking for experienced people so I can't offer you the job, I'm sorry etc. etc. It was like he just abruptly ended the conversation. I was speaking about why I wanted the job and next he says they're only looking for experienced people, goodbye! I mean, why bother asking me all these questions when you knew you weren't able to give me the job anyway?! I guess it's for their administration or something, but still. And don't just drop this on me all of a sudden. It was like he was just reading instructions from a paper. Like, first you ask this, then this, and at the end tell the person on the phone they're only looking for experienced people. I felt really annoyed and hurt as well. Not just because of this stupid guy who made me think I was going to get the job and then suddenly told me I wouln't, but also because I feel like I at least deserve a chance. How are you ever able to gain experience when nobody is willing to offer you the job in the first place so you can get experience? In order to get experience you have to hire me first! Everyone's always looking for experienced people like all these wannabe employees are too stupid to learn and gain experience while working. This job was ideal because it would have been for just one month, all of August and if you would still be available you could work until early October. I'll keep an eye out for other jobs, but I don't think I'll come across anything else appealing anytime soon. :(

Oh, and I changed my hair colour :) Well, a little. At least it's no longer partly red.