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This afternoon I'll go to Amsterdam to watch the new Potter on IMAX! And apparently there are 12 minutes in 3D and I never saw a movie in 3D! I didn't know that to watch a movie in 3D you have to go to a special screening room at Pathé. I thought they just have to give you those 3D glasses and that's it. If I had known I would have made sure I had checked out Coraline in 3D. Ice Age 3 is playing completely in 3D right now but I have no interest in seeing that one. But hey, maybe for the 3D experience I go watch it. For now I'll go see the new Potter. Critics have been very positive. I caught some glimpses of critics saying it's not only one of the best Harry Potter films so far but one of the best films of the year in general. That makes it very promising. It's going to be a fun day!

Last night I finally watched Che: Part Two. I liked it as much as the first one, especially the way it is shot. So many times I just felt like freezing the screen and take a picture. It looks so good.

How to get shot by Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist. Well, this is how. Made by Refinery 29

Could work, however, I would add living in either Paris or Milan as a great advantage 'cause he always seems to be in one of those places. There's not much chance he'll pop up in Amsterdam...

Thanks to Bryanboy for posting this out. If you don't know the blog check it out, the kid's hilarious and crazy about fashion

For more on The Sartorialist visit the site

Raf Simons, Givenchy, John Galliano and Cerruti from that Paris Fashion Week that happened some days ago

The good

Cerruti - It's very clear. A bit too simple perhaps. Would have been nice if more daring. I like to coats. The way they fall. I like the shoes. Some looks are really nice. Some pieces have really good colours. They're colourful but without being too colourful, meaning eye=poppingly bright. Overall I'm pretty surprised because it looks so good. Just simple chique.

Love this kind of red. Nice and dark.

Like the shirt. Good colours.

Pretty cool

Tim Hamilton - The shoes look fun. Is that a zipper on top? Good design. Versatile. I liek the flowing drapery kind of shirts and coats. One of my favourite collections. It's just really good. They manage to make every piece look different. No coat or top is the same. I'm a bit amazed.

Great shorts. Not too long, just right

Perfect with those white shoes

My kind of top. Like it



Looks like something I own


Nice snhorts, different

Nice coat

Pretty chic

John Galliano - Makes me feel all Devendra Banhart-ish :-) Good layering. Don't like everything but most of them are really cool and unique. Would like to see how some of these would fit with regular clothing. One of them is wearing a shirt as shorts?? So much going on, but in a positive way. Don't like second half too much, but first half of the collection is really fun. Some of it looks a bit too Jesus-like. A bit weird. A lot of half naked guys, but this time I feel they at least have a bit of an artistic purpose, so it's ok I guess

Cool jacket

A shirt as shorts, excellent!

Unexpectedly cool shorts

Nice pants

Love the jacket!

Nice pattern on those pants

The mediocre:

Givenchy - Expected more. I thought I really liked Givenchy. Perhaps I was wrong. I like some of their patterns. Don't know what to make of their scarves. I like the look of their long socks or panties/tights, whatever. At times a bit of a pattern overload. Some very stiff looking models, bit grumpy too. Better have me wear the clothes :) A bit meh overall, though some things are really really good

Don't know what's that around his waist, but it sure looks cool.

Gold shoes! And they look real good!

That's a nice pattern. I want this! Buy it for me

Raf Simons - The way the clothes fit the models makes me like them. Most of it isn't that groundbreaking. It just looks good, finished, complete.

Belt as jewellery




Shiny trench!

Like the shape of the shoulders

I quite like this

This coat has a nice length

Cool red belt, good idea

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