Thursday, 16 July 2009


So I just came back from having my eyes checked. I need new contact lenses because I have no pair left apart from the two in my eyes right now. The guy who did the checking for me didn't tell me I'm going blind anytime soon, even though the thought crossed my mind. BUT he told me I have a bit of cataract. Usually only old people have cataract but this kid of 22 years old has a bit of it as well. It's still in a very early phase so I don't notice anything of it yet. There's a chance nothing happens and it won't spread, not until I'm much and much older I guess. So no operations yet. Perhaps I suffered a huge trauma 'cause according to Wikipedia people who suffer a huge trauma or have diabetes have a greater chance of getting cataract. I know life can be hard and frustrating at times, but I didn't know it got me all traumatized :(((

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