Thursday, 16 July 2009


Coute Que Coute. Just visit that blog and never return here again. This blog makes a lot of blogs unnecessary.
They post all the things I like
Like this

Styled by Robbie Spencer, shot by Karim Sadli.

More can be found here

Lyrics from Jens Lekman's song It was A Strange Time In My Life

People seem to think a shy personality equals gifted
But if they would get to know one I'm sure that idea would have shifted
Most shy people I know are extremely boring
Either that or they are miserable from all the shit they've been storing

Jens knows me, Jens TRULY knows me...

Soon I'll dye my hair a new color :-)

1 comment:

Miss Jasmine J said...

Hahaha are u upset b'cos this blog upstaged you?? I know it is not funny but the way you put it made me laugh. Not in any way wanted to offence you. Sorry
You can upstage it back Danilo!! I think all blogs (not that ive seen many) have their own unique personality...just b'cos this blog puts up things that you like/put, does not mean yours are any less boring ;-)
By the way, thanks so much for your letter!! I wanted to tell you for ages but i got caught up with work. Will reply soon :-)