Wednesday, 8 July 2009


It's time that people here start to focus on Lara Stone for a bit. I wonder if people know she's Dutch, she was born and raised here. Her father's from the UK and her mother's Dutch, but she's always listed as a Dutch model, so therefore I guess we can say she's more Dutch than British. I would like to see her get a bit of attention around here. It's always Doutzen, Doutzen, Doutzen who grabs all the attention.
I always like it when people from my country make it big. I guess it's a bit patriotic of me. Of course at the end of the day I wouldn't really care, but it's just because it shows me that people who grew up in the same part of the world like me can really achieve something and rise to the top. It gives me a bit of hope, you know. :) So it's cool seeing Lara being so successful. I wouldn't be surprised if she turns out to be the next number 1 female model out there and takes over Raquel Zimmermann's spot.

Anyway, here she's on the cover of W challenging Briggite Bardot

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I'm tired of sleeping ;)

And did I ever mention how much I love Animal Collective. Just needed to say that, because I really enjoy their music. I feel I have not given them enough love.

And because I feel like posting a video, here's Animal Collective's My Girls. It's been out for months, I know. But see how great it still looks


I LOVE Vimeo!

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