Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Isabel Coixet thank you for making this wonderful film. I finally watched it. My Life Without Me. Sarah Polley you're even more amazing to me now. And Mark Ruffalo, this film offically made me realize how great you are even though I've seen you appear on screen already so many times. And everyone else in this film is amazing as well. So well written. Such beautiful characters. Such lovely stories they tell. I really loved it even though for most part it just reminded me of how shitty my life is.

P.S.: Laundromat scenes are the best :)


Miss Jasmine J said...

What's so shitty about your life dear?? It looks a whole lot of fun compared to mine. You get to go to concerts, you take wonderful pictures, gets to watch movies that will not ever get shown here, gets to travel around Europe -- my life in comparison is so bland. I wake up at 6am, go to work and come back at 5.30pm. I miss all of you!! People are so differently boring here :-(

danilo said...

LOL I know. I guess my life isn't that bad. It's just that I need more than just watching movies and going to concerts. Maybe I'm asking too much of life. I just want to make things much more than I do right now. And I want to be busy doing that 24/7. It's just that I need a little help and right now it's just basically me myself and I.

Miss Jasmine J said...

Ah ok, got it. It can get quite boring when you're just doing things by yourself. You're still doing your dissertation right? or is that done? If it is done, time for a job? Hehehe. If not, perhaps volunteer at refugees/homeless shelther or something? Good for the CV.
No worries, you'll figure it out eventually ;-)