Friday, 3 July 2009


I'm at my parents' place because these two guys came to replace these grids or gratings or whatever they are called in English (Dutch: rooster). And because normally there isn't anyone home around this time of day I've been asked to drop by and let these men in. So that's what I'm here for. They are here already for 30 minutes and will work until 2 pm, at least that's what I heard one of the guys say. I believe right now they went for a smoke. Hmmm. Maybe I should keep an eye out and make sure they do their job well. Perhaps I should offer them some coffee as well. Be a good host.

Anyway here are some more pictures from that really cool shoot Mariano Vivanco did for Dazed And Confused. Styling by Nicola Formichetti and starring Kendra Spears, AJ Abualrub and Roy Pratt.

And you know these blogs or websites where people take pictures of themselves showing what they wear. I thought for once lets do this as well. :) So here's what I have been wearing yesterday and also today. Just today I decided to wear my boots instead of the shoes you can see me wearing in the pictures.

So here's what I wore. In colour!

The shorts are my own and already like 10 years old and perhaps even older! I re-discovered them yesterday and they still fit :D

I like this one looks like I'm jumping:

Reminds me of this picture:

Of course it got a bit out of hand. As usual. :p

So as you can see I ended up playing around a bit. Would be cool to do a real shoot and shoot someone. Then I could really stand behind the camera. Now most of it is guess work.

It's going to storm! Nice :))

Franz Ferdinand's new video for Can't Stop Feeling. It's even funnier than their last No You Girls one.:

I want to go to Lowlands to see Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys :(((((((


Miss Jasmine J said...

Cool. Strangely enough, what you wore here is not something i'd imagine you would wear in the first place. Hehe sorry, it's just when we were in England, u mostly don t-shirts & jeans on. Then again, it is England, it's cold, rainy and it was a small, uni town. Perhaps not an appropriate place to dress stylishy?
How did u even manage to take this self-photos??? They are cool :-)

danilo said...

The pictures I took just by putting my camera on the back of this leather chair in my parents' living room and that's it. Then I turned on the self-timer and took position. :) I do have a tri-pod but I didn't bring it.