Tuesday, 29 September 2009


This afternoon I had my first ever serious job interview. I had done two before, one for a call center and one for the cinema where I worked as a volunteer, but those I consider not that important. This one, however, was a bit more serious. It's not like I really want the job and it means the world to me when I get it, wouldn't go that far, but if I get the job it would be nice at the least. I'll be hearing from them in about two weeks so that leaves me with enough time to do things that I'm no longer able to do if it happens that I have to start working 4 days a week. But it's not certain yet if I get the job so I might still be without one after two weeks. It did go pretty well though. I was very relaxed and the two women I spoke with were really nice and normal. I liked the atmosphere. It didn't feel like this big official thing. It's not that I had to appear in a complete suit or anything. I don't like it when they want to turn these things into something more than they are 'cause at the end of the day it's just a simple conversation in which you tell about yourself. So it was definitely a good thing they were very laid back and didn't put any pressure on me or something. In two weeks I'll know what will happen next, whether they choose me or not. We'll see...

Last night there was Patrick Wolf and as I expected a little and was a bit afraid of the audience was pretty lackluster. I had felt this a bit before at Lowlands and it happened again. It's like some people are a bit afraid to show their massive love for Mr. Wolf because he wears these outrageous costumes and at times bump and grinds the stage with last night him even grabbing his crotch and rubbing his butt showing it off to the audience. :p I can understand if you happen to take a friend of yours with you, one that knows his music a bit but isn't that familiar with Mr. Wolf the performer, and he starts dancing Beyoncé style, you might feel like you have to defend Mr. Wolf as well as yourself a bit, telling your friend he's not always like this and even though he might show up half naked showing off his nipples he's still an awesome performer. So I can understand that completely. I have found myself doing the same, defending him by making clear that whether you might like his nipple touching or not, underneath all of that he's still a very talented musician. But Patrick is Patrick and his craziness and silliness comes with the package. So that response of the audience is okay if, that is, he's performing at some kind of festival where people aren't especially coming to see Pat Pat. But when I'm going to see Mr. Wolf in a sold out Paradiso I expect it to be filled with fans and enthusiasts, or at least some crazy fans at the front row. But this was not at all the case. The entire show I saw those front row people (I was standing something like row 5 or 6) just standing as if they were waiting for the bus to arrive. Okay they applaud and yes, you're allowed to experience a gig entirely the way you want. But don't tell me that as a Patrick Wolf fan the way you connect to his music is by standing still especially to his upbeat songs like Vulture or Bloodbeat. That's how you show your appreciation? That's what his music does to you, makes you feel? When he performs a song like The Sun Is Often Out, a very sad song that asks for the audience to be completely silent, it's perfectly alright. I loved that and I was touched by it the same way as when being at a Beirut concert where it's just all about the music and I don't feel like having to jump and go completely wild. I still loose myself in the music completely, but in a different way. But when songs like Tristan come up or Hard Times you just feel like dancing to that infectious and catchy beat. Those songs ask for that. But these people were still standing fairly still even during those songs. Fortunately I was surrounded by some people who were dancing and enjoyed themselves a lot and I guess those people saved the gig for me. To me the audience adds so much to the atmosphere and is able to hype up the artist performing so when that's not the case it starts to become rather dull. I've read that some people felt at the beginning Patrick didn't seem that much into it but what do you expect when you make your first appearance, you even get real close to the audience at a distance from where they are able to touch you, but nothing happens. I expected girls and boys screaming holding up their arms trying to grab a piece of Pat Pat. But no. It's like they weren't interested. And it's not like you have to be like that, wanting to touch the performer that you came to see, but at almost all concerts I've been to that's what happens when the artist gets that close to his audience. Arms reaching up for Alice Glass of Crystal Castles, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, I've seen it happen. But not when Patrick does the same. At least not at Lowlands or in Paradiso. It should make for an exciting moment, but here nothing happened. I remember my first Patrick Wolf show at Shepherds Bush Empire in London where this crowd of mostly teenagers went completely wild. Most of them dressed up, some having their hair dyed Patrick Wolf style and during the show even starting a mosh pit! Where are those Dutch crazy Patrick fans?! I would love to see them at his shows. Perhaps they just don't exist? Still Patrick was in great form and he even played Pigeon Song as well as The Libertine. Didn't expect that to happen. It made me crave for more of his old stuff. But when he played Tristan and I even held my arms up I felt a bit stupid considering around me the enthusiasm was completely lacking and it made me seem a bit weird like I'm being this outrageous fan when all I was doing was holding my arms up just a bit. Those people need to know they almost completely drain the performance from all its energy nomatter how hard Wolf and his band are trying. Luckily Patrick started to get really into it especially after such songs as The Sun Is Often Out and Pigeon Song which did get really enthusiastic responses. Maybe the Dutch fans like his slower stuff more, the darker sound, those songs in which he shows his great musicianship. That has to be it else I just can't explain. But like I said, Pat Pat found his groove and started to make some jokes and even took some shots of some kind of liquor :) Someome I guess ordered it for him 'cause all of a sudden I saw this guy walking towards the stage with these small glasses on his tray. First I thought he was the empty beer glass collector, but turned out he was on his way to bring Mr. Wolf some alcholic beverage. Mr. Wolf changed outfits two times, each time wearing cool black boots, just like me :p Unfortunately his song The Magic Position couldn't really interest me that much anymore, maybe because I've seen him play it before and it's the obvious favourite amongst a lot of his fans, but personally I don't think it's one of his best or most fun songs. I much rather prefer Tristan or A Boy Like Me when I want a Patrick song that can really make me dance and jump around. Apart from the lackluster audience I had a good time and thought the show was great. Patrick has a really strong voice, knows how to play instruments well and is able to entertain his audience in a fun tongue in cheek way. I would love to see him again although I would really like it if he did a show playing only old songs. I recall reading once that Bloc Party did a surprise gig somewhere in Australia where they performed the entire first album live. That must have been a great experience. I would love for Patrick to do the same though I doubt that will happen, unless he once again decides to retire. But I don't see that happening anytime soon and don't want to see that happening either. Unless of course he then decides to unretire like he did before. Then it would be great. :D

This is why I love Dirty Projectors soooo much. Watch them perform on Jimmy Fallon's show. Thanks to Stereogum!

Also they did a very intimate performance of the song for The Roots before they recorded the show. It's even more amazing than the performance on Fallon.
One person even had to say this about it:

'This video makes me feel like I've wasted my life. It's that beautiful.'

That's quite a big thing to say, but I feel there's some truth in that. It does kind of make me feel that way. I either want to be in Dirty Projectors or start my own band a la the Projectors. They have one of the best jobs

Monday, 28 September 2009

^<*I NEED ONEEEEE!!!!!(%

Forget about the pyjamas I was talking about earlier, I want to wear this official suit when I'll be seeing Where The Wild Things Are!!! Someone get me one of these, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'd be so happy :DDD

Go HERE for more info how to get one
Do they ship to my country???
I'll check, bet the suit's expensive though
Maybe someone wants to make me one that looks just like it?


I'm listening to Karen O And The Kids' soundtrack for Spike Jonze's (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation) upcoming picture Where The Wild Things Are. So far it's very light and fun giving you the mood as if you're on this huge adventure :) I can imagine ships at sea and exciting travels to unknown lands. It really sparks my imagination. So I'm even more excited for the film now. It's going to be so sweet. This is one of those films I would just want to go and see wearing my pyjamas and bringing a stuffed animal with me as company. Perhaps I might just go and do that :D It's going to be so cute, the little boy in me will be all smiles!

Here's All Is Love

And follow this link to visit Spike Jonze's blog
Tonight, Patrick Wolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009


I'm melting just a little bit because John Mayer has a new song out called Who Says from his forthcoming album Battle Studies and it sounds as if it came straight from his debut record Room For Squares! That little boy in me who fell in love with that album, the album that got me to really listen to music and appreciate an album as a whole and that taught me to not just listen to its singles skipping all the other songs for which I held little interest, has just gotten all sentimental. This is what it feels like when you feel as if you go back in time to that moment when things were different and you were of a younger age. I had kind of lost interest in the guy but he has just become interesting again.


I applaud Editors for heading into a new direction. This is what a band like Franz Ferdinand hasn't yet dared to do. They made comments in the past before their last album came out about going into a complete different direction hinting at some electro if I'm not mistaken. When the album came out, however, it turned out they had not abandoned their signature sound at all and their new tunes weren't that groundbreakingly different as they had supposedly claimed. Not that there was something wrong with that. I love Franz Ferdinand's sound, why change? But it's nice to see a band try out something new and Editors have done just that which can be quite the risk. New song Papillon is a clear break away from the songs on their previous albums and sounds very energetic and exciting and much more electro-ish. The album will be offically out next month but I hope to hear it in full before :D Here's the video.

Here they are playing the song on Later With Jools Holland where they made an appearance on Friday:

They also performed another new song, the nicely titled Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool or whatever that's supposed to mean :)


I've fallen so deep in love again with this song. Real horrorshow ;)
Mr. Bowie, one of my all time heroes.

David Bowie - Space Oddity from introspettive on Vimeo.

I finished reading A Clockwork Orange and then decided to watch the movie which I only saw for a second time all on my oddy-knocky. :) First time I wasn't that impressed, I guess I didn't really get it at that time. But that's already like more than 5 years ago maybe? This time it was completely different I loved every second. I have only one bit of criticism which is that Kubrick should have let Alex say the two magic words oddy-knocky. It's my favourite nadsat expression. No idea why, but I adore it. :D

You can find a whole nadsat glossary here
We should just all go speak nadsat all the time
Or just go and speak Russian

Thursday, 24 September 2009


Via Models.com I was led to photographer Rodney Smith's blog where he had this to say about photography and vision:

To say a photographer has a vision is to say the photographer has something unique to say to about the world. Why do some photographers have something unique to say, when so many others just shoot pictures that are general and lacking vision? Most people would say it has to do with talent. Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe it has nothing to do with talent. Maybe it has to do with the ability to express one’s feelings. The person who presents a strong vision has figured out a way to express his or her feelings, while others are struggling to do that. Talent, then, becomes not so much artistic talent, though that may be a good part of it, but rather emotional talent.


And take a look at some of his pictures at his website. Here are some to show you just a glimpse of the genius this guy is!


With The September Issue being completely sold out (should have known lots of thirtysomething women with their girlfriends would all take a sprint to the cinema to see it as if the latest collection of a famous fashion designer had made its debut at the H&M) I was forced to watch a different movie. So me and my mum (dad decided to stay at home) went to see Män Som Hatar Kvinnor (Millennium: Men Who Hate Women). There's a great chance you've heard about the film because there's been a lot of hype surrounding it. It's based on the first part of the Millennium series written by Stieg Larsson who at this time last year was a complete stranger to me as to, I assume, many others. But ever since this trilogy became the new The Da Vinci Code everyone seems to be at it. Everyone, expect for me and my mum. No idea what we got ourselves into we entered the cinema and came out extremely pleased. What a thrill. It's like the usual detective mystery TV series, I guess, those you happen to see a lot on TV, but I'd never really seen any of those on the big screen. The story is solid although the ending is a bit predicatable, although I liked the motives behind it. Well acted, fast paced and extremely brutal which had me very surprised. I don't think I'll read the book anytime soon, perhaps in some years when the hype has cooled down, but who knows I might be at the cinema again once the movie adaptation of part 2 of the trilogy is released! :)

This afternoon I saw (500) Days Of Summer, one of my most anticipated films this year. As what usually happens I guess my anticipation killed it a bit for me 'cause I felt I never really managed to get completely into it. Don't know why. Perhaps I wasn't in the right mood or the fact that the film is filled with for me recognizable songs from artists such as The Black Lips, The Smiths, The Temper Trap and Regina Spektor kind of put me off. Everytime a scene started I could clearly hear the song in the background playing and all my attention was drawn to it. Couldn't help it. There's even a scene with a Carla Bruni song! I expect to be completely into it when I see it the second time. It happened to me when seeing Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park. At the cinema I liked it, but when I saw it for the second time at home I really came to love it making it probably my favourite Van Sant film. That one I was waiting to see for a very long time so when the lights were switched off and the movie started playing I could hardly breathe. The film Once is another one of those examples. I still have to see that one for the second time though. So I'm expecting the same will happen with (500) Days. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as always is great. He's very charming and I can see him having a massive appeal. He seems this sentimental kind of guy with good looks but without that Brad Pitt or model type perfection. And although he's far from afraid to show emotions he's still the very guy-ish type too. So that makes for a wide appeal and for him being a great leading man in my eyes. Same for Zooey Deschanel who doesn't have that perfect model look either but who's still extremely pretty and dreamy. Her eyes being her strongest asset. I loved how she portrayed her character. She really made it hard for us spectators to read her and at times could be so cruel. Still you couldn't help to like her character 'cause, apart from her sweet Bambi eyes, she managed to convince you she did mean no harm and was just a girl who struggled with relationships. So I did really love the film 'cause it's all very cute but without it becoming to sugery sweet and girly, it even has some very nice animations in it as well as a funny dance scene! :DDD Me not getting completely into it yet might also have been because I held back a bit, not getting me too involved with the characters because being in a crowded cinema. Especially Gordon-Levitt's character had a chance to get me real good but I didn't let him get under my skin. I guess I didn't dare to with all those people around. :) So it'll be much better seeing it all by myself I when I will be able to get all romantic and cozy with me myself and I without anyone watching and just swoon away with every scene :D

Oh, and here's a real cool MGMT video for ya ;)

Via Stereogum

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


The pictures of the latest Levi's campaign are all over Amsterdam at the moment. Here are three videos from it featuring pretty kids Josh Beech and Meghan Collison.

By Chadwick Tyler

I'll be watching The September Issue tonight, because I'm quite the fashionisto lately :D

Emma Watson attended the Burberry show during London Fashion Week. Prrrrrrretttyyy :DD

More at the Harry Potter fansite Snitchseeker


Seriously, what the *BEEP* ?!!


You find some more of Kseniya Simonova's videos here Apparently she won the Ukrainian version of what is normally the completely pointless 'Britain's Got Talent'.

One of the most incredible things I've ever seen. I didn't know there existed such a thing. She should do an entire movie with just sand animations like these.

Monday, 21 September 2009


This late afternoon I went to the Filmmuseum where I saw the most amazing film. After I saw it it took me more than an hour to zone completely out of it. Usually I already look at the world differently once I'm out on the street again but with Muukalainen (The Stranger) by Finnish director Jukka-Pekka Valkeapaa it took a long while. It's probably the first film I saw since Carlos Reygadas' Stellet Licht that's also filled with the most exquisite images. One perfect shot after the other from the craziest angles imaginable. Everything is so carefully chosen and thought out. It's a masterpiece. It's his lifework. I had to hold myself tightly else I couldn't handle what I saw and my eyes were wet for most of the film. Such a great experience. Recently only Martyrs and My Life Without Me had this kind of impact on me.


Before Dirty Projectors appeared on the stage the stage as well as the crowd belonged to TuNe-YaRdS. I think this is the first time I went to a show where the crowd actually got really excited during the supporting act and didn't hold back. I even felt they were more enthusiastic during TuNe-YaRdS than Dirty projectors but maybe that was just me. They're a two man band, but the focus is mainly on singer Merrill Garbus who is actually TuNe-YaRdS. I had heard her song Sunlight before which is a nice one but didn't blow me away. I haven't listened to the album yet, but I definitely will especially after last night. Though something tells me their music is much better and fun when being played live than on the record. Merrill is such a force of power. She owned the stage like this crazy woman. The crowd seemed to love it. The responses were extremely enthusiastic and Merrill even spoke of us as her dream crowd. She's amazing live. Her voice so powerful. If I didn't like Dirty Projectors' songs more I would say that TuNe-YaRdS upstaged them performing with so much energy, even though Dirty Projectors were still top quality. A great thing was that it didn't take that long at all before the Projectors came on stage after TuNe-YaRdS. Most of the time it takes quite a long time before the main act comes on after the supporting act, but Dirty projectors appeared very quickly performing the beautiful Two Doves as the first song of their set. It seemed to me though that their set was rather short or perhaps I was just enjoying it too much that I completely lost sense of time. I love Dave Longstreth's voice and on the albums the three girls accompany him beautifully and live the addition of the girls' voices works even better. Their drummer Brian McComber was amazing as well and Amber Coffman looked very pretty as did the two other girls. The best surprise came at the very end when they all of a sudden started to play Knotty Pine. I had searched for some setlists from previous concerts of them this year but I didn't see Knotty Pine being on any of them and because it's a song recorded for the album Dark Was The Night, which is a collaboration album featuring songs by various artists, I didn't expect them to play it. So when they started playing the song I filled up with excitement. It took a while before it actually sunk in that they were playing the song. It was a real surprise. It's one of my favourite songs by the band and the one which actually got me into them. I had heard about them before but they seemed a difficult band to get into. Of course when Bitte Orca received so many great reviews, many people saying that it's the best album of 2009 together with Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavillon, I couldn't ignore them any longer and started really listening to them and fell in love. Another song I really love is Rise Above and they played it. A shame they didn't play What I See and I don't remember them playing No Intention either, but I could be wrong about that :) Sometimes it happens that I don't really recognize songs any more at concerts and forget which one is what exactly. It happened during WOMEN :D

Here are two videos from YouTube of both Dirty Projectors and TuNe-YaRdS

Dirty Projectors


Thanks to jacquestourneur


Even more Dirty Projectors videos including the Knotty Pine performance!!!

Knotty Pine

Stillness Is The Move

Temecula Sunrise

Remade Horizon

Thanks to Fransle38


I'm about to go to bed. Dirty Projectors were great as were TuNe-YaRdS. Can't believe they played Knotty Pine!!! So unexpected :D

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Just found this! The NFF (Dutch Film Festival) made a compilation video of shorts made during the Lowlands festival which includes my short film :) The first clip you see is from my film. You can see my name at the bottom of the screen when the clip starts. How cool :D
Everytime I see it I get all proud

Unfortunately on the Dropstuff website my film still doesnt start playing when it's supposed to. The title of the film shows up on screen as is my name, but nothing happens :( Wonder if they noticed and will do something about it.


I'm listening to the new Kings Of Convenience album Declaration Of Dependence. I'm just two songs in so can't tell yet if it's a good album or a really good album. But I know it's at least good. These kings can do no wrong.

Ash Stymest is one of my favourite models because he got this cool style of his own and he's one of those people who can smoking look really bad, but in a good bad way you know. Good=bad=cool. Anna Selezneva is in this shoot as well. I've posted some pictures of her before in the past. She's immaculate looking. She and ugly have nothing in common.
They're photographed by Karim Sadli who's becoming one of my favourite fashion photographers.

More pictures here

I'm gonna shave my head a bit again. I'm in need of a bit of an edge. I don't think I'll be changing my hair colour anytime soon anyway. I wanted my hair to grow and then change the colour but it's taking so long for it to grow. Don't want to wait anymore and do nothing.

Friday, 18 September 2009


It's not so much the images this magazine contains that fascinate me and leads me to posting this video. They are pretty nice, though, but what really got my attention is the hand. The way it touches the magazine, presses it down so it won't fold. The way it carefully turns the pages. It's such a fascinating and relaxing sight. I could look at this for hours and hours :D

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Again I haven't gone to the cinema as I was planning to. Don't know what's wrong with me lately. Maybe next week I'll manage or tomorrow. I have watched some movies on my laptop at home, though. One of them being L.A. Confidential. Yup, I never saw that one before until last night. It's a very good film, solid, with good performances by all actors especially Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe although Crowe's character is a bit too much. Really, he's expected to kill someone over a woman? I don't care how much of a weak he has to protect women and stuff, but killing another man just because the guy made love to the woman Crowe's character has fallen for? Plus, Kim Basinger won an Oscar for her performance. Receiving a nomination already seems to me a bit too much. Yes she's very mesmerizing and alluring. There's a constant mystery surrounding her but I have a feeling that's just the natural Kim Basinger effect. That's something that's already there, she was born with it and it just so happens that it's very useful for the part she plays here. But winning an Oscar?! I don't know. What bothers me as well is that she creates this mystery, but then it turns out that her character doesn't have a hidden agenda at all so she's not at all that mysterious. She only makes herself appear that way. Some months ago I saw her in The Burning Plain and if she receives an Oscar nomination for that one I could totally udnerstand and wouldn't disagree a bit. Her performance is very powerful in that one. She appears to be completely vulnerable and you expect her to fall apart any moment. She really is that woman trying to escape her boring everyday home life by hooking up with another man. Though she is afraid to get caught and she might not feel real guilt towards her family she does seem to find it real hard to cheat on her family like that.
Sorry for giving away all this info, but I just had to explain :)
Perhaps there just weren't that many other great performances by Supporting Actresses that year.

I think I'm buying myself a ticket to see Dirty Projectors this Sunday...

New Kings Of Convenience video. My mum and I will be seeing them in a couple of weeks!

After having seen them live at Lowlands I'm even more excited for their next album and to my surprise there will be a new one already January 2010! Above you see the cover artwork for the new album titled Contra and a link to their website where you find a tracklist among other things

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


They finally added my short film on the Dropstuff.nl website! Problem, though, is that it seems to not be working yet. 'Cause when the time arrives that my film has to start, nothing happens :(( So a little more patience and hopefully in the next couple of days this whole thing will be solved and everyone will be able to watch my little film in all its glory! :DD

Here's a screenshot of the webpage. I marked the spot where they have their little schedule. My film, as you can see, is called 'Los Op Lowlands'. The films start playing by themselves. No need to click on anything, just wait and watch. A shame mine is not working properly though. I can't wait to show it to people!

AND... I have a new neighbour! Yep. He's from Germany, but has been living and studying here for three years now and is starting his fourth year. This kid is already much more interesting and nicer than my previous neighbour to whom I was basically nonexistent.

About to watch a movie here at my parents' place. I'll try and go to the cinema tomorrow again. I've been having trouble going because the one I want to see starts around 5 pm and I just can't get through the mornings. I can't stand being at home all the time, one moment I just need to get out. Therefore these last couple of days I've been spending at my parents' place, 'cause when I go there I at least have the feeling I went away somewhere and did not stick at home. But tomorrow I'll force myself to wait until 5 pm. Maybe I can come up with something interesting to do before the movie starts. It's just that also I'm tired of having to do everything by myself. I'm perfectly okay being alone, I have a lot of fun with just me, but I'd rather enjoy another person's company, you know. I can't handle being alone ALL the time. :(

Thursday, 10 September 2009


I don't have internet at my place right now 'cause apparently, yes APPARENTLY, 'cause he didn't even bother to tell me, my neighbour has moved out already! I knew he was leaving in September but not when exactly. But he manages my internet connection and now that it's not working anymore, plus his toothbrush and all of his other stuff are gone, I can only assume that he has offically left.
So I'm at my parents' place, typing awayyyyyyyyy :)

Nelly Furtado's Mi Plan has leaked which has brought me into a very pop music kind of mood with the result that I'm downloading Lily Allen's last album right this moment. I never really listened to her first one but I did enjoy the singles Smile as well as LDN. And lately her songs have been making their way into my ears each time I turn on my parents' TV and arrive at such TV channels like MTV and the Dutch music channel TMF. There's just no denying that she writes cool songs with good fun lyrics and I just love her accent and the way she sings. So I'm going to have a good listen to her in the upcoming days.

I've been watching movies including 12 Angry Men and Romulus, My Father. 12 Angry Men was good but not that great that I would say it's one of the best films, if not, the best film ever made. A lot of people on Imdb seem to find it the best film ever, but I have to disagree. Not that it isn't good, but the best film ever, no way. NOOOOO WAY. Romulus is a very nice drama with great performances by Eric Bana and the young Kodi Smit-McPhee, who's pretty stellar for his age.

I've been reading as well. Yes. :) After finally finishing Balzac's Le Père Goriot (Father Goriot) some weeks ago I started reading Aravind Adiga's The White Tiger and I'm loving it. That's one huge advantage of my internet not working at home, 'cause I've been reading in the morning both yesterday and today. Much better to start the day with than surfing around on the net and finding myself going from one site to the next, which is what I'm doing right now :D It's such a fun book. I have a feeling the story will take a really dark turn. I'm already excited to continue reading!

I had not taken any pictures for quite a while even though I went on a lot of day trips with my mum last week. But just the other day when I was in Den Haag I happened to take this one. It was a very bright day and the sunlight was hitting the buildings in such a nice way. It looks a bit futuristic. I like it a lot.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


If you haven't listened to their album yet you should!!! It's incredibly addictive and one of the best albums I've heard so far that has been released this year. It's kind of my Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago for 2009, meaning that no matter how many times I listen to the album it's as great as when hearing it for the first time, plus it never gets old so I can definitely see me playing this record until the end of this year and beyond even. Like the Takeaway Show and Black Cab Sessions some Dutch kids have launched their own Amsterdam version simply called Amsterdam Acoustics. So it's the Takeaway Show meets Black Cab Sessions out on the streets of Amsterdam. The xx apparently were in Amsterdam in July and they recorded this:

Can you believe it, just two guitars is all it takes to play this song?!! It's almost identical to the album version.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


Because I really like some of her pictures she deserves her own post. I quickly looked at all the editorials she did and I guess the pictures posted here are my favourites of hers. Combine all of these into one picture and you have the best picture ever.

I LOVEEEEE this one, best of the bunch

A lot more here