Thursday, 17 September 2009


Again I haven't gone to the cinema as I was planning to. Don't know what's wrong with me lately. Maybe next week I'll manage or tomorrow. I have watched some movies on my laptop at home, though. One of them being L.A. Confidential. Yup, I never saw that one before until last night. It's a very good film, solid, with good performances by all actors especially Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe although Crowe's character is a bit too much. Really, he's expected to kill someone over a woman? I don't care how much of a weak he has to protect women and stuff, but killing another man just because the guy made love to the woman Crowe's character has fallen for? Plus, Kim Basinger won an Oscar for her performance. Receiving a nomination already seems to me a bit too much. Yes she's very mesmerizing and alluring. There's a constant mystery surrounding her but I have a feeling that's just the natural Kim Basinger effect. That's something that's already there, she was born with it and it just so happens that it's very useful for the part she plays here. But winning an Oscar?! I don't know. What bothers me as well is that she creates this mystery, but then it turns out that her character doesn't have a hidden agenda at all so she's not at all that mysterious. She only makes herself appear that way. Some months ago I saw her in The Burning Plain and if she receives an Oscar nomination for that one I could totally udnerstand and wouldn't disagree a bit. Her performance is very powerful in that one. She appears to be completely vulnerable and you expect her to fall apart any moment. She really is that woman trying to escape her boring everyday home life by hooking up with another man. Though she is afraid to get caught and she might not feel real guilt towards her family she does seem to find it real hard to cheat on her family like that.
Sorry for giving away all this info, but I just had to explain :)
Perhaps there just weren't that many other great performances by Supporting Actresses that year.

I think I'm buying myself a ticket to see Dirty Projectors this Sunday...

New Kings Of Convenience video. My mum and I will be seeing them in a couple of weeks!

After having seen them live at Lowlands I'm even more excited for their next album and to my surprise there will be a new one already January 2010! Above you see the cover artwork for the new album titled Contra and a link to their website where you find a tracklist among other things

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