Wednesday, 16 September 2009


They finally added my short film on the website! Problem, though, is that it seems to not be working yet. 'Cause when the time arrives that my film has to start, nothing happens :(( So a little more patience and hopefully in the next couple of days this whole thing will be solved and everyone will be able to watch my little film in all its glory! :DD

Here's a screenshot of the webpage. I marked the spot where they have their little schedule. My film, as you can see, is called 'Los Op Lowlands'. The films start playing by themselves. No need to click on anything, just wait and watch. A shame mine is not working properly though. I can't wait to show it to people!

AND... I have a new neighbour! Yep. He's from Germany, but has been living and studying here for three years now and is starting his fourth year. This kid is already much more interesting and nicer than my previous neighbour to whom I was basically nonexistent.

About to watch a movie here at my parents' place. I'll try and go to the cinema tomorrow again. I've been having trouble going because the one I want to see starts around 5 pm and I just can't get through the mornings. I can't stand being at home all the time, one moment I just need to get out. Therefore these last couple of days I've been spending at my parents' place, 'cause when I go there I at least have the feeling I went away somewhere and did not stick at home. But tomorrow I'll force myself to wait until 5 pm. Maybe I can come up with something interesting to do before the movie starts. It's just that also I'm tired of having to do everything by myself. I'm perfectly okay being alone, I have a lot of fun with just me, but I'd rather enjoy another person's company, you know. I can't handle being alone ALL the time. :(

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