Friday, 4 September 2009


Tomorrow is my first day at school! I'm excited. It will only be on Saturday so the rest of the week I have to find myself something else to do. But hopefully if I finish this year well I can go do a real full time bachelor for the year after. For now I'm very excited about finding out all about the courses and my fellow classmates. I feel like I haven't been to school/class in ages. I mean, I had my seminars at university but the last one already took place months ago and I never really felt I was completely there. I was present but not that involved. And it only lasted for something like 2/3 hours. So it's going to be really nice to have classes from something like 9 to 3 afternoon just like in secondary school. Have to wake up real early though. Bike, train, bus. It takes a while to get there :)

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