Sunday, 27 September 2009


I applaud Editors for heading into a new direction. This is what a band like Franz Ferdinand hasn't yet dared to do. They made comments in the past before their last album came out about going into a complete different direction hinting at some electro if I'm not mistaken. When the album came out, however, it turned out they had not abandoned their signature sound at all and their new tunes weren't that groundbreakingly different as they had supposedly claimed. Not that there was something wrong with that. I love Franz Ferdinand's sound, why change? But it's nice to see a band try out something new and Editors have done just that which can be quite the risk. New song Papillon is a clear break away from the songs on their previous albums and sounds very energetic and exciting and much more electro-ish. The album will be offically out next month but I hope to hear it in full before :D Here's the video.

Here they are playing the song on Later With Jools Holland where they made an appearance on Friday:

They also performed another new song, the nicely titled Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool or whatever that's supposed to mean :)

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