Saturday, 19 September 2009


I'm listening to the new Kings Of Convenience album Declaration Of Dependence. I'm just two songs in so can't tell yet if it's a good album or a really good album. But I know it's at least good. These kings can do no wrong.

Ash Stymest is one of my favourite models because he got this cool style of his own and he's one of those people who can smoking look really bad, but in a good bad way you know. Good=bad=cool. Anna Selezneva is in this shoot as well. I've posted some pictures of her before in the past. She's immaculate looking. She and ugly have nothing in common.
They're photographed by Karim Sadli who's becoming one of my favourite fashion photographers.

More pictures here

I'm gonna shave my head a bit again. I'm in need of a bit of an edge. I don't think I'll be changing my hair colour anytime soon anyway. I wanted my hair to grow and then change the colour but it's taking so long for it to grow. Don't want to wait anymore and do nothing.

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