Thursday, 3 September 2009


Just finished watching The Jacket which is this really interesting film which doesn't seem to make much sense, but it just grabs you from the beginning and sucks you in. You just have to forget about what's real and what's not and just jump into the diegetic world of this film and watch the story unfold. I guess it's science-fiction, a bit of fantasy. When you think about the story too much you'll ruin it for yourself. I can't really explain. It's a really good film and at the same time it's flawed and I would totally understand if someone would just bluntly call it bad. But I feel there's just so much more to this film. It's very satisfying, it feels so layered. So full. So detailed. It just believes in itself and overall is just very convincing. Adrien Brody carries the film really well. There's a lot of suspense, I had some moments that gave me some chills a bit which not happens often. Keira Knightley for the first time felt to me to be really in the right place. I've never been really convinced by her as an actress. She was nominated for Pride & Prejudice for an Academy Award but after seeing that film I just couldn't understand what was so great about her performance. For some reason she never really gets to me. I never feel involved. But in this one she was pretty good. I guess I liked her in Bend It Like Beckham as well but Pride & Prejudice as well as Atonement didn't really do it for me. Perhaps I have to see those two again. The film also features Jennifer Jason Leigh who has been one of my favourite actresses for quite a long time. I loved her in eXistenZ and The Hudsucker Proxy. She deserves way more recognition. So I thought I was going to watch a not so good film, because I remembered critics not liking it too much, but I ended up watching a film which really got hold of me and that will probably linger on in my mind for quite some days to come. Totally unexpected. I really like this film :)

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