Monday, 21 September 2009


This late afternoon I went to the Filmmuseum where I saw the most amazing film. After I saw it it took me more than an hour to zone completely out of it. Usually I already look at the world differently once I'm out on the street again but with Muukalainen (The Stranger) by Finnish director Jukka-Pekka Valkeapaa it took a long while. It's probably the first film I saw since Carlos Reygadas' Stellet Licht that's also filled with the most exquisite images. One perfect shot after the other from the craziest angles imaginable. Everything is so carefully chosen and thought out. It's a masterpiece. It's his lifework. I had to hold myself tightly else I couldn't handle what I saw and my eyes were wet for most of the film. Such a great experience. Recently only Martyrs and My Life Without Me had this kind of impact on me.

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