Thursday, 24 September 2009


With The September Issue being completely sold out (should have known lots of thirtysomething women with their girlfriends would all take a sprint to the cinema to see it as if the latest collection of a famous fashion designer had made its debut at the H&M) I was forced to watch a different movie. So me and my mum (dad decided to stay at home) went to see Män Som Hatar Kvinnor (Millennium: Men Who Hate Women). There's a great chance you've heard about the film because there's been a lot of hype surrounding it. It's based on the first part of the Millennium series written by Stieg Larsson who at this time last year was a complete stranger to me as to, I assume, many others. But ever since this trilogy became the new The Da Vinci Code everyone seems to be at it. Everyone, expect for me and my mum. No idea what we got ourselves into we entered the cinema and came out extremely pleased. What a thrill. It's like the usual detective mystery TV series, I guess, those you happen to see a lot on TV, but I'd never really seen any of those on the big screen. The story is solid although the ending is a bit predicatable, although I liked the motives behind it. Well acted, fast paced and extremely brutal which had me very surprised. I don't think I'll read the book anytime soon, perhaps in some years when the hype has cooled down, but who knows I might be at the cinema again once the movie adaptation of part 2 of the trilogy is released! :)

This afternoon I saw (500) Days Of Summer, one of my most anticipated films this year. As what usually happens I guess my anticipation killed it a bit for me 'cause I felt I never really managed to get completely into it. Don't know why. Perhaps I wasn't in the right mood or the fact that the film is filled with for me recognizable songs from artists such as The Black Lips, The Smiths, The Temper Trap and Regina Spektor kind of put me off. Everytime a scene started I could clearly hear the song in the background playing and all my attention was drawn to it. Couldn't help it. There's even a scene with a Carla Bruni song! I expect to be completely into it when I see it the second time. It happened to me when seeing Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park. At the cinema I liked it, but when I saw it for the second time at home I really came to love it making it probably my favourite Van Sant film. That one I was waiting to see for a very long time so when the lights were switched off and the movie started playing I could hardly breathe. The film Once is another one of those examples. I still have to see that one for the second time though. So I'm expecting the same will happen with (500) Days. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as always is great. He's very charming and I can see him having a massive appeal. He seems this sentimental kind of guy with good looks but without that Brad Pitt or model type perfection. And although he's far from afraid to show emotions he's still the very guy-ish type too. So that makes for a wide appeal and for him being a great leading man in my eyes. Same for Zooey Deschanel who doesn't have that perfect model look either but who's still extremely pretty and dreamy. Her eyes being her strongest asset. I loved how she portrayed her character. She really made it hard for us spectators to read her and at times could be so cruel. Still you couldn't help to like her character 'cause, apart from her sweet Bambi eyes, she managed to convince you she did mean no harm and was just a girl who struggled with relationships. So I did really love the film 'cause it's all very cute but without it becoming to sugery sweet and girly, it even has some very nice animations in it as well as a funny dance scene! :DDD Me not getting completely into it yet might also have been because I held back a bit, not getting me too involved with the characters because being in a crowded cinema. Especially Gordon-Levitt's character had a chance to get me real good but I didn't let him get under my skin. I guess I didn't dare to with all those people around. :) So it'll be much better seeing it all by myself I when I will be able to get all romantic and cozy with me myself and I without anyone watching and just swoon away with every scene :D

Oh, and here's a real cool MGMT video for ya ;)

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