Sunday, 28 September 2008


Just before I go to bed, this trailer you really NEED to see! I saw it yesterday or the day before or maybe even the day before that one, don't remember, but now I'm posting it here right now. It's the trailer from this film called Ballast. Its director, Lance Hammer won the prize for best direction at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and the film also won for best cinematography. Just a glimpse of the trailer and you immediately see why it won, it really needs no explanation. Just Look. I myself had to stop watching it, because I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I just don't want to see or hear anything about this film from now on until I've seen it at the cinema. So they better make sure they play it somewhere. I knew nothing about this film, but it sky rocketed to the top of my must-see list. I can't wait. I hope the story is as good as those first couple of beautiful images that can be seen at the beginning of the trailer. Be fascinated:

And a picture from Boy A, this film I'm longing to see for quite a long while now. Found out some days ago that they will show it at the Filmschuur, the best cinema here in my town. So that's really cool news. But the only reason I want to see this movie is because of this picture below. I don't know what it is, but looking at this picture just want me to see the movie. And...well I just really like the film's title. Enough reason for me to go all kinds of crazy. And a movie that's playing right now and which I NEED to see is Lake Tahoe, can't wait.

Someone took a picture of the poster of Lake Tahoe:

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I love this video. Nice cinematography. New album is a grower. Gets better with each listen.

Monday, 22 September 2008


New Killers!
From their upcoming album Day & Age, first single Human:


Some people really wanted to see some of the pictures from Italy during those days at Alice's place that I took. So here are some. Took me almost an hour to re-size and then upload them. So you better enjoy! ;)

Getting picked up from Monselice train station:



Mmmmm pizza!

One night of partying!

Visiting Verona with Jasmine and Véronique:

At Juliet's house. Touch her breast and you'll be lucky in love:

Sunday, 21 September 2008


So I finally continue. Prague was huge. It has everything big wide streets with lots and lots of shops at Wenceslas Square. I had breakfast in this big shopping mall. I ate a wrap, which was nice. After I went to explore the city, walking all the way up to the Royal Gardens. No trams or metros, just doing everything by foot, which is what I like. Having walked up the stairs I enjoyed the beautiful view looking down at the city from above. The weather was really good, far better than in Copenhagen. At the Old Town Square I went into one of the churches and almost at the end of the afternoon I discovered a gallery where there was a Salvador Dalí and Alfons Mucha exhibition. So after thinking to have a day without visiting a museum I did find one afterall. The train to Budapest was leaving at 21.47 so I still had a lot of time. So I started walking, discovering parts that were a bit outside the city center. I went into a supermarket and bought two oranges and later on passed a Tesco! :) At the train station I had a chat with this guy from India who had been travelling round and later I went to look for my train as there was some confusion. There was no mention of a train to Budapest, though there was one to Bucharest which had the number of the train I had to take. So I asked the guy at the information desk and he said he didn't know where the train to Budapest was and told me I had to wait as it might pop up on the screen in some minutes. I noticed other people were confused as well. Eventually I decided to check that train going to Bucharest and I asked some guy of the train whether this was my train as well. He told me no, though I was sure it was, 'cause the number of this train was the same as the one I had to take. So I walked back, my backpack on my back and waited a while to see if a train would pop up with destination Budapest. Eventually I asked a different guy at a different tickt information desk and he told me I indeed had to go on the train with destination Bucharest. So I was right, it was my train and so I went off to Budapest.

It looks cloudy in some of the pictures, but really the weather was great that day!

These shoes are hanging up there, because...?

I guess it did became a bit cloudy at the end of the day afterall. But it didn't get real colder.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


So last night I witnessed Bon Iver gracing the stage of Paradiso, Justin Vernon accompanied by a band consisting of three. Supporting act were the Bowerdbirds who were pretty cool, though they didn't sound as good as on their record. Especially compared to Bon Iver's set they sounded a bit hollow and empty, whereas Bon Iver's sound was so complete and really felt to fill up every corner of the venue. Bon Iver which started with Justin Vernon who locked himself up in a cabin somehere in Wisconsin and recorded Bon Iver's debut, insisted that they are now a real band and no longer just Vernon's project. And by the sound of it, he's right. The band does really add something to the songs, resulting in such a great energy live that at times I could have even danced to some of the songs, which can be said to be far from dance tunes. Opener, just as on the album For Emma, Forever Ago was Flume. They were immediately off to a good start and proofed that adding a full band was not a bad idea at all, extending the songs with long instrumental parts which aren't that long as on the album. Especially Creature Fear turned out to be a real treat. What I like most about hearing songs played live is that I always get surprised. I know the songs, but when standing there and a song starts to build I suddenly remember that now comes a really great part and my excitement kicks up to a complete new level. Also playing a new track called Blood Bank, a really nice tune which revealed a bit of the direction Bon Iver seems to take next, and a cover sung by a very young guy Mike, who probably has not yet even entered his twenties, one of the members of the band. Great voice, though Vernon's is the one that really strikes a chord. His voice is drenched with pure emotion and sounds as good live as on the record, if not better. They ended their set by bringing back the Bowerbird to the stage and performed the song Lover's For Fools by Sarah Siskind, partly acapella that is, bringing something to the stage that was so sincere and pure I almost felt like an intruder. Overall a very warm and atmospheric concert, making for a lovely evening. My love for Bon Iver was already huge, but now has reached even greater heights. See them if you can!

I didn't take any pictures. Reason 1, because some will probably pop up on the net soon, 2, because I was enjoying the songs too much and didn't want to distract myself by taking pictures, 3, because I do feel kind of strange taking pictures of these people and I know the only reason for taking them would be to show them as proof that I really went to see them. Pictures from concerts do look incredibly cool though, there's always interesting lighting. So maybe if I had a professional camera I would have taken some, I'm sure I would have taken some actually. Yup, I really REALLY want one!

Someone made a video of last night. Justin Vernon performing what is probably my favourite song by them Re: Stacks all by himself, enjoy enjoy:

Some people did take pictures, here are some of them!


Bon Iver:

Bon Iver + Bowerbirds: