Friday, 4 September 2009


I just watched Things We Lost In The Fire and just like The Jacket I absolutely loved it. The performances in this film are soooo strong. Benicio Benicio Benicio!!! I think I forgot about how great you are. I mean, I watched the man portraying Che and he was outstanding, but as Jerry in this film he really wowed me. Excellent in every scene he's in. And Halle Berry, she should be offered more roles like this one. This woman is a really great actress and I feel that even though she won an Oscar she's still prettymuch underrated. Most of this is due to the explicit sex scenes in Monster's Ball for which she won the Academy Award for Best Female Performance In A leading Role. I've read many comments since her win in which people say she only won because of those sex scenes. But that's just really wrong. Those people should watch Things We Lost In The Fire so they can see for themselves that she's capable of giving very strong performances. And then there's David Duchovny who's most famous for his role in The X Files, I myself can't even remember having ever really seen a film of him. His part is small but he plays his character with so much ease. He's so real, so authentic, so normal. I can't believe it only got a 64% rating on! What the F*CK?! I mean, 64% is not THAT bad, but it's far from excellent and would have a lot of people change their mind about the film. Before the reviews they might have thought about seeing it but knowing reviews aren't that great they may have ended up choosing to see a different film instead. Fortunately for me the film was directed by Susanne Bier who I think made at least two wonderful films Brødre (Brothers) and Efter Brylluppet (After The Wedding). So that's why I decided to buy the film when I saw it at the shop this one day even though I knew critics weren't overwhelmed by it. Perhaps if it had not been directed by Bier but someone completely unknown to me I would have never bought it just because I had not really heard any good things about it. It's so unfair. This film deserves way better. I enjoyed every second. It's such a warm film. Of course you should decide for yourself and some people will completely disagree with me. I'm not trying to write a review here even though it is kind of what I'm doing, I know. How can you ever really explain your love or dislike for a film without it being a review? So that's why most of the time I go and see a film because I saw a screenshot of the film that intrigued me or just because I'm familiar with the work of the director. Of course I also go see films that get a lot of positive reviews and tend not to see those which doesn't. You can't really escape it. But I feel sometimes critics are really only there to make you go see a film or not. As if that's their real job. Like they're really trying to make that decision for you whereas I hope that in the end people still really decide for themselves. I know a lot of people still do just that though, 'cause a lot of films which I'd say are crap still bring in a lot of dough :) But I just wouldn't feel right being one of those people, being a real professional critic. I wouldn't want to be the person whose job I feel is to make you decide whether something is really good or bad when you haven't checked it out yourself.
Anyway. I liked this film. I figured that out on my own and for me the negative reviews are wrong. Same with The Jacket. It's your own opinion that counts. Just try to see things with an open mind. In the end we're all our own critics.

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