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I can't manage to sleep any longer right now. Don't know why. But anyway. I watched La Graine Et Le Mulet last night at a cinema in Amsterdam. These upcoming weeks they will be re-playing their top 10 films of 2008 and La Graine was one of them. I didn't see it when it was released in theatres first time so I was able to do some catching up! Leaving the cinema I found out it had been raining and not just a little. So after having walked a bit out in the rain I decided to wait ten minutes before walking further. Good decision because the rain became much less when I started to make my way to the train station again. I still ended up pretty wet though. About the film. I loved it. It's so different in style. It feels to be divided more into segments than scenes because several of them are quite long and focus on a certain event or character. There's one long scene focusing on the family dinner early on in the film and there are two in which two characters are highlighted receiving their big moment. It made me feel the director might have done this on purpose to showcase these actors' talent. I was surprised by the ending which is rather abrupt. But I guess it was a better choice than to bring all storylines together and lead them towards one big happy ending. Sometimes it's better not to completely know how things will end up.

I just found out that there might still be a chance I could go to Lowlands! :D Thankfully some corporations bought up a lot of tickets when there were still tickets for sale to sell them themselves for higher prices to gain profit. This is something Lowlands is very against and they've managed to make some of those tickets unvalid. These tickets were brought back on the market and sold again by Lowlands a while ago. Unfortunately those tickets are sold out already. But in the upcoming weeks tickets might become available again so I better check out the website at least once a day! Who knows I might be seeing Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys and many other favourites of mine in August!!! :DD Fingers crossed

Back to Paris. Bringing you Hermès, Miharayasuhiro, Maison Martin Margiela, Dunhill, Damir Doma, Balmain, Viktor & Rolf, Kenzo, Bernhard Willhelm, Ann Demeulemeester, Wintle

The good:

Hermès - One of the best collections. Great looks. They know how to make killer combinations. They make it seem so easy. Love it. Sophisticated. Good colour on colour layering. Make the looks appear really finished. It looks simple but sooo good. Not a big fan of the scarves though. Apart from that it's a great collections. I'm very impressed. Definitely one of my favourites.

That tiny bit of collar that is showing really finishes it off. One of my favourite looks.

Quite like this. Big splash of colour

Love the way the pants is worn and how the belt shapes it. Superb

For some reason the green shirt seems to work

Nice colour combination

Look how chic and it looks so simple.

I like that tie

Maison Martin Margiela - It's simple. I like the white/beige. It's not groundbreaking, but just okay. Simple chic.

Nice combination

Nicely put together

Cool jacket

Funny shirt. Like the orange bit on the shoulders.

Bernhard Willhelm - First reaction was, uhhh what?? But then I loved it. Funny boots. A bit like Dsquared. I love long socks I DO I DOOO! Nice colour combinations. Some looks, or actually most of them :) , are a bit out there. But in combination with more ordinary items I bet it would be great.

Nice sock, boot, shorts combination

Fun prints. I like it.

Nice socks!

Cool boots

The mediocre:

Dunhill - I don't really like the ties worn this way. Would have worked perhaps if keeping the blazers open. A bit too basic and safe. Like the second half more than the first.

Very chic

Nice jacket

The brown fits nicely with the grey. Cool

Wintle - Not much I have not seen before. It's good though. I like it. But I would have liked seeing more than just 10 looks. It's not enough.

Ann Demeulemeester - As much as I like this kind of look it's just not going to really work like this in real life now is it I mean, not wearing a shirt every day. Not going to happen. So I cant help thinking how these would turn out with a shirt underneath, 'cause I think the bare chests really add a lot to the looks and make them work. I like the hairbands. Adds a lot to the clothing and overall style. Seems to be for the skinny gentlemen. Great design, but how would it look off the runway??


Damir Doma - Like Ann Demeulemeester's collection I wonder how this would look in 'the real world'. Are those man tights/stockings?? Some pants a bit too baggy. Some looks are really not working. Big miss. A red overload which doesnt work out well at all. Way too much red over red layering. Making combinations is what it's all about! It's a cohesive collection overall, but I don't really know what to make of it. Sorry. Here's what I do like:

I like that the pants is all fluffy at the top. Nice.

I think that's a green shirt? Anyway, I like the colour

Uhhhh...NO, EPIC FAIL!!!

Viktor & Rolf - It's in the details. The details make the difference. I like the fabrics. Need much more than 8 looks. Is it possible to judge the entire collection by looking at just these 8 combinations? I'd say no.

Miharayasuhiro - It's okay. Some things work really well, some just a little. Some are pretty cool. Just not everything. Unfortunate. A lot of looks still exceed the mediocre and are very good. It's just that the collection as a whole is not entirely great.

Quite like this look

This is really my style. I've made this combination before myself :)

The bad:

Kenzo - Pattern overkill at times. Not a fan of the big hats. Too much same colour layering. It's not working. The shorts in combination with biker shorts doesn't turn out well. I can see what they're trying to do here, but they fail at it. Lots of things I just don't like. Looks aren't put together well. Not going to bother posting any pictures.

Balmain - A bit plain. I've seen same looks before but executed way better. The pictures showing this collection proof that it sometimes does really matter how tall the model is. A bit more height would have made the clothes come out better.

All pictures from WWD

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